Obama-Themed Tree Lighting Set for Tomorrow in Golden Gate Park

Everything is all set for tomorrow’s Christmas Tree lighting at the McLaren Lodge in Golden Gate Park:

Join the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department for its 79th Annual Holiday Tree Lighting. The 100-foot Monterey cypress at the east end of Golden Gate Park is San Francisco’s official holiday tree. Enjoy live entertainment, refreshments and activities for the entire family, plus, a visit from Santa!

This year’s event will be all the more special in light of Barack Obama’s recent victory. The train underneath the tree features a huge Obama logo along with a few other Obama references.

Obamanos! in front of McLaren Lodge

Click to expand.

All aboard the Obama train. See you there!

Thursday December 4, 2008 from 5:00pm – 7:00pm

501 Stanyan Street
San Francisco, California 94117

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7 Responses to “Obama-Themed Tree Lighting Set for Tomorrow in Golden Gate Park”

  1. Timmeh says:

    This Obama-mania is getting to be similar to the following of Fidel or Chavez. Bunch of mind-numbed robots who voted for a guy JUST because he was black and thought that he was going to be the Messiah of the Progressive (liberal) left. Nothing more, nothing less. Well, hate to break the news to ya, but he’s already finding out that things are as simple as the liberals think it is. He’s already got a cabinet that screams everything but change. He’s not going to rush the troops out of Iraq. He’s not going to raise taxes the first day on the job. He’s not going to close Gitmo on that day either. Liberalism is simplistic in it’s very nature. Just a bunch of emotional wimps who haven’t got a foot in reality. This is just another example of that.

  2. Alfonso says:

    I thought the Christmas holiday was in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ. I guess now we’re worshipping Obama.

  3. Annette Gary says:

    I was just wondering what “holiday” you are celebrating? Without CHRISTMAS being celebrated all the years before this politically correct bull, you would not have a “holiday” to be celebrating.

  4. Michael Gibson says:

    Just when I think these obamabots can’t get any stupider, they manage to surprise me.

  5. Gandalf says:

    All Hail Lord Obama! Lord & Messiah of all! What the hell are they putting in their Kool-Aid?

  6. GUADALUPE says:


  7. Grant says:

    How come they left out Eid al Fatr? It’s next week.
    This Muslim holiday is excluded, how intolerant.
    And how insensitive towards Obama.
    He referred to his Muslim faith on the campaign trail and talked more than once about the 57 states.
    Are we all haters in SF?