The Greenest House in America, Right Here in San Francisco

We’re not talking about being classified as having attained LEED (The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System) status of Certified, Silver, Gold, or Platinum (what will come¬†next – titanium, onyx, or Centurion?).

We’re talking green, fruity green. Like pistachio or lime.

Enjoy. Click to expand: 

via funkandjazz

But at least it matches the place next door!

As seen in San Francisco.

And it could be worse.

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2 Responses to “The Greenest House in America, Right Here in San Francisco”

  1. Luxuo says:

    Dear editor. Do you mind to update the source with the new link : (what will come next – titanium, onyx, or Centurion?)

    Thanks a lot : )


  2. sfcitizen says:

    For you, anything…