Death Threats Force San Francisco’s AdamsBlock Website to Shut Down

Well, it had a good run, but the famous San Francisco website is no more.

A few death threats and some stalking played a role in that.

The sort of view you used to have:

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Now some might feel that Adam Jackson’s site got hacked, but his Twitter tells the tale: This is the last time I’ll mention it. I’m done.
ReTweet: @adamsblock Writing an apology to the group who has destroyed my life.



Thursday, December 11th: Hopefully, tonight will be the end of this. The following is written to everyone who was affected by my webcam both positively and negatively. I’d like to outline my intention in this project. My intention was to show “the noises that kept me awake at night” and that statement wasn’t singling anyone out. It was a general statement that my apartment was in a noisy neighborhood. I had someone make a banner and then started broadcasting. The chatroom became full of hateful comments so I brought on some moderators who gave a lot of their personal time to ensuring laws put in place at the dawn of civilization were maintained. The golden rule comes to mind and any comment that singled out someone’s way of life, race, color or how much they made was shut down and those persons were banned. I ensured that the chat room was a safe place for all walks of life and most of the time it was. After 2 weeks of broadcasting, I received dozens of emails asking if they could donate to make the feed look better. I accepted these donations and put the money in to the camera. My stated intentions were that once equipment was purchased, all further donations would go to Glide church and a fundraiser would be held on Saturday the 13th to raise 5 thousand dollars for Glide Church. This institution does so much for San Francisco’s citizens and I encourage everyone to donate to that church this Saturday despite the fact that I won’t be doing a telethon DONATE HERE and prove that we can still make a difference despite the absence of a camera.

On Tuesday, December 9th, a banner was advertised on the webcam via the live feed as a few people held up a sign down on the street. I went to this site and initially ruled out that it was a website dedicated to illegal activities. Thus, I removed the clip. This was the start of what has become the worst 48 hours of my life. The site was upset and since they had free speech, I should have kept the clip up. Actually, I was in my right to keep the clip deleted but after learning that they weren’t doing anything illegal, the clip was restored as a good gesture to me admitting that I was wrong. It didn’t end there and I’ll summarize what has happened since that evening:

I was followed to work this morning by men in hooded sweatshirts, and my girlfriend was followed home from work.
Someone called up my boss today and asked, “did you know that you employ a pedophile?”
I’ve received death threats over the phone and I won’t reveal the context of those conversations for legal reasons.
My career as a social media consultant has been ruined due to bombarding of my social media profiles with misinformation and hateful comments
I have to somehow find money to move out of this apartment building because my girlfriend can’t come home at night and is staying in a hotel in fear.
There’s nothing I can do about this other than an issue an apology and reveal my “true intentions” of this camera. My camera was placed in my window to showcase the homeless people of San Francisco and to make fun of them. I like making fun of people who have mental illness, can’t hold a job and piss themselves on the street. My goal was to broadcast every day and night just to raise money for myself and show the world what a racist and ignorant human being that I am. I don’t give a crap about this city and am a yuppie blogger who feels that he’s too good for all of this. I’m sorry to San Francisco and this community for the harm I caused and I’m moving to a place filled with other yuppies so we can make fun of this disgusting neighborhoodknown as the Tenderloin. Glide, good luck with everything cause I’m not ever going to donate to your cause cause I don’t care and I’m embarrassed to have ever lived here.

Now that I have that out of the way, feel free to discuss things below in the chat room. You won’t see much of me anymore as I need to rethink my way of life after making so many enemies. AdamsBlock will continue but I won’t be a part of it in any way, shape or form. It’s someone else’s baby and you can hate on that person now. I want to send a huge thanks to 12oz Prophet for helping me realize how much of a douche I am.

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12 Responses to “Death Threats Force San Francisco’s AdamsBlock Website to Shut Down”

  1. Dave says:

    That’s not an apology.

  2. Jim Smothers says:

    Duress, defined:
    Restraint or danger, actually inflicted or impending, which is sufficient in severity or apprehension to deprive a person of FREE CHOICE, destroy his volition, or obtain consent only in form.

  3. say ridicule says:

    Not an apology…nor should it be.

  4. Chero says:

    Wow. My heart goes out to Adam and his lady for what they have had to endure and for the rest of us who had our window with a great view shut in our faces. All of that shady stuff happens right out there in plain sight anyway so I think that it’s strange that so many made such a fuss that people took and an interest in the gritty streets of the lovely Loin.

  5. sf native says:

    you know damn well all of you live in marin or menlo park….
    have fun back in florida adam, your lady can stay with me!!!

  6. sanyo says:

    Thugs in hooded sweatshirts? I’m not surprised. The problem is that the criminals run that part of town. There is a huge amount of money being made in prostitution there, mostly in the massage parlors and strip clubs. We’re talking vast amounts of cash and extremely violent men who will protect that income at all costs. Webcams, like cops, are not welcome. By the way, a lot of the boys and girls and women who are sold in those brothels are not there voluntarily.

  7. shai says:

    No one from 12 oz threatened Adam and never would threaten someone over what basically came down to a difference of opinion. I personally had a long conversation with Adam about this and while we didn’t see eye to eye we were able to keep everything civil.

  8. Brina says:

    When will we move beyond comments, and actually dialog about solutions to solvegang stalking issues that will retain our Constitutional rights?

  9. Wow The internet traffic is threw the roof on this site. I guess all that media coverage really helps. Way over a million hits nice some one will make some good money from this domain name sweet! Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year Too Every One. Peace on earth A Good will to all man kind, God bless us all because lord knows every one needs & want’s it.

    P.S. Constitutional rights? Ya Those seem to be fading fast stand up for em.

    P.S.S. Freedom of speech I Guess not in California Huh?

  10. youcrazyliberals says:

    This is typical from the hateful liberals who run the Bay Area and California. If you don’t agree or bow down to them, they will publish you names for hate crimes (ie. Prop. 8 supporters were published by some crazy liberal). Just look around every liberal city and you will see violence and hate.