Secret Millionaire TV Show Stars Local Gurbaksh Chahal in the Tenderloin

Oh boy. Via Rincon Hill San Francisco comes now Gurbaksh “G” Chahal starring on Fox TV’s Secret Millionaire show. The latest episode takes place mostly in the Tenderloin district, where death threats abound.

Secret Millionaire is a dramatic new unscripted series that takes America’s wealthiest individuals away from their lavish lifestyles, sprawling mansions and private planes and places them undercover into some of the most impoverished neighborhoods in America.”

Watch it all right now on the Hulu!

The self-professed “$300 million dollar man”, with a few supporters:

At the Adam Carolla / Danny Bonaduce bachelor party, Key Club L.A. Photo via Anthony Citrano – Click to expand.

The show starts off at G’s condo, which is now famous due to coverage from Curbed SF – “That’s Rather Hideous: Yahoo Can’t Buy You Taste.” (C’mon people, don’t hate! Over at Socketsite, some think G’s home decoration is “age-appropriate.” But as always, You Make The Call.)  

It goes like this: See G. See G boast. Boast G, boast! For example:

“We got the famous G bed, with the G pillow. Bam, there it is, bam, [pointing at flat panel TV] bam, boom, you got a great mirror…”

And then you get a glimpse of the now famous zebra pelt (“tail-on Zebra skin”) on the marble kitchen floor. Then we’re off to hardwood-equipped 508 Larkin, where G will live for a few days while he gets to know people around the area. Now you’d think G would be able to handle living with elevators and high speed Internets, with PhDs in his building in Little Saigon, kitty corner from Homeland Security HQ for northern California. But no. G thinks his $1300 a month studio with separate kitchen is something of a Hellhole.   

Get up to speed with G’s adventure here, or here.

Now about that show. G was torn over the issue of how he’s supposed to apportion money to different people and organizations, but couldn’t he just give as much money as he wanted to whomever? This isn’t explained. Also unexplained is why G only gave away $90K when he was supposed to parcel out at least $100K.

Although the minimum required donation is $100,000, during the Episode 4 airing with millionaire Gurbaksh Chahal only $90,000 was shown (two $35,000 donations & two $10,000 donations). According to Chahal’s blog, the total donations exceeded $100,000, the exact amount is unknown.

There are probably some stories behind that more interesting than the show itself, but oh well.

Speaking of stories, why does it take three story assistants (Matt Jackson, Francisco Miccolis, and Chance Carter) to work on a reality show that pretty much writes itself? What did the denizens of the Tenderloin (just north of the Flank) think about G being followed around by all those cameras and lights all the time? Who kept a whole block of parking spaces open for G’s two-door Bentley when he visited St. Anthony’s? And if G wanted to do good this year, couldn’t he have just written a check to someplace like Marian Residence without going through the hassle of being on TV?

Oh well. Check it out yourself.

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