The Shiny Shiny Top of San Francisco’s TransAmerica Pyramid

Well, lookie here at the shiny, shiny top of the Transamerica Pyramid. Now, of course, at night during some special times (your November-December-New Year’s holiday mish-mash plus the Fourth of July) you can see an electric light up there, (as seen here on the far left). 

But this shot wasn’t taken at nightime. That’s the noonday sun shining off of the westward face of the four-yard-tall mini-pyramid that tops the whole shebang.

Click to expand:. A seen from the brand spanking new Crissy Field Overlook in the Presidio:   

Here’s a better look in black and white from the same angle just a few minutes later:

Of course, you can still see the reflected light but the intensity is about a hundred times less than the direct reflection seen in the colour photo.

It’s probably a polished metal panel up there, possibly aluminum.

Look for the Star of the Pyramid – you just might see it someday, if the sun lines up just right.

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