Fashionable SFPD Protects Our Largest Mall from Insurrection

In this shot of a local insurgent posing for a photo over the weekend at the WestField Mall “Solidarity with Greek Uprising” uprising, notice the fashionable boots worn by officers.

You can see pricey AlpineStars and also some also made-in-Italy SIDIs, a brand so expensive only cops and dead tree journalists can afford them.

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via quinn’s photostream

Pounding hippy skull can be dangerous work, so you don’t want to skimp on your boots.

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4 Responses to “Fashionable SFPD Protects Our Largest Mall from Insurrection”

  1. Chris Rusak says:

    Yay! tax dollars!

    Look, those police officers are like walking porn stars on foot. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally cruised them in Soma thinking they were on their way to The Eagle, only to find out they were married and living in Burlingame. Total disappointment.

    And can we just all agree, thank the spaghetti monster that there are seven cops at the mall (all apprehending one assailant? Must have knocked over a mannequin at Abercrombie & Fitch) and only 35 people dying of a heroin overdose outside at UN Plaza. I would hate to have it the other way around.

  2. SlideSF says:

    AlpineStars and Sidi are both motorcycle boots, not fashionwear. Many riders wear them (shhh… even hipsters). Say what you want about the cops. Lord knows, I’m no fan. But to criticize them for their boots is just plain lame, and makes you look stupid. Why not take them to task for sporting such ridiculous and expensive “hats”? Bell and Arai make some pretty expensive headwear and most people just can’t afford to wear them while barhopping. Trust the City to waste our tax dollars… (rolls eyes).

  3. sfcitizen says:

    Alpinestars are made in Italy too! I just found out.


    FYI…those cops are motorcycle cops and no the city doesn’t pay for the expensive designer boots…the cops pay for their own!!! It is nice to see that the citizens of SF really care about the safety of their officers. Proper safety gear is important while fighting crime in this city. And another thing, those cops were called to the mall for this nonsense, hmmm is anyone calling about the herion addicts at UN plaza…I don’t think so….