No More Giant Star Atop San Francisco’s Official Holiday Tree

Well here directly below is what the giant Christmas tree of San Francisco’s Civic Center looked like in 2007, complete with a star on top. But SFist and Mssrs. Matier & Ross were a bit confused by all this last year. Recalling the official policy of 2007: 

“The biggest rule: Steer clear of any religious references “not consistent with the city’s commitment to diversity and inclusiveness,” including “nativity scenes, menorahs, angels, crosses or stars on the top of trees.” It’s interesting to note, however, that the giant official tree directly in front of City Hall has a nice, big, lit star at its top. And the Recreation and Park Department has yet to receive a single complaint.”

Which is fair enough. (And nobody complained about Obama Christmas this year either, apparently). Click to expand:

Well that was then and this is now. So, the new 2008 tree went up last month in November without a star at first, but then a star was added a few days later. As seen in November 2008:

OK fine. But now the star is gone again. As seen a few days back. Today, the tree looks like it just got a flattop hair cut.

Maybe somebody complained.

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