Hey, Drivers of Those Little Red Bull Cars: SLOW DOWN!

We’re here in San Francisco, so of course illegal “California stops” are de rigueur (except at Fulton and Pierce in the Western Addition – for some reason, about half of San Francisco’s stop sign violation tickets seem to be issued at that one intersection). 

But drivers of those little Red Bull cars gots to understand that they need to come down to less than 15 miles per hour when passing by stop signs. That way, they’ll be demonstrating that they actually see the signs through the taurine haze

Now, they’ve already taken away our Sparks “energy drink” due to naughty behavior, so please don’t compound the problem and give the Red Bull a bad image.

On Hayes street, blowing through the stops, in too much of a hurry bringing refreshment to the public?  Click to expand.

All you Red Bullers should be more like these. They managed to give out free samples on foot. Perhaps they took MUNI?


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