San Francisco Holocaust Museum Bounces Back After Attacks

Well, this rather complete story by Amber Lee over at KTVU Channel 2 about the Monday’s vandal attack at the San Francisco Holocaust Memorial will get you up to speed on this issue right quick. But that won’t satisfy young Joe Eskenazi, who would like a more detailed description of the culprits involved.

Did it really cost $8,000 to hastily clean up the red spray paint? Apparently.

This is what part of it looks like now, after the cleanup. Click to expand:

Newly-installed SFPD Richmond Station Captain Richard Corriea was on the scene before starting his shift on what must have been a busy new year’s evening. The belated news of this recent attack attracted many to the memorial yesterday:

The vandal spray painted “ISRAEL THERE IS BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS” or something like that on the white wall seen here. A prior attack had a different appearance.

People speculate on the timing, which seems particularly off-message, depending on what message was intended. Over at IndyBay they have a message, of sorts.

All that’s left to do now is to figure out what was intended by the following from the KCBS:

“KCBS reporter Doug Sovern says the vandalism has shaken some Jews, concerned about the possibility of a rise in anti-Semitism and well-meaning people reacting the wrong way to renewed hostilities between Israel and the Palestinians.”

(Good luck with that.)

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