The Final Board Meeting of Supervisors Aaron Peskin and Jake McGoldrick

It was the end of an era today as San Francisco Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin and Supervisor Jake McGoldrick participated in their final Board meeting. City Attorney Dennis Herrera was on hand to thank all the departing Supervisors including Assemblymember Tom Ammiano and Judge Gerardo Sandoval.  

Warm words came from fellow Supervisors, such as Chris Daly (talking positively of “creative tension”), but also Gerry Crawley, Robert Haaland, and “Parrot Guy” Mark Bitterman. Not so warm words came from public commenter the “I am Jesus” guy (“that was two minutes?” A.P.: “It felt like four.” [laughter]) and others, serving to support Jake’s words that, “Democracy is lugubrious.”  

Aaron Peskin wielding this particular hammer for the last time. Click to expand.

Thanks to all our departing Supervisors for all the hard work.

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