The Oscar Grant Shooting Protests Head to San Francisco

This was the scene tonight at United Nations Plaza near the Civic Center BART station. A crowd of about 200 hundred people gathered to protest the New Year’s Day shooting death of Oscar Grant III.

“No justice, no peace, fuck the police” – that was one of the chants tonight, along with a few others. One speaker criticised the San Francisco Bay Area Answer Coalition, Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (also known as International A.N.S.W.E.R.) with the response “fuck them too”  from another. Ouch. (The kids over at IndyBay might not have appreciated those comments, as manifested by the edits to their site tonight. Oh well.)

There’s a lot of agreement on this issue, from Attorney General Jerry Brown to Senator Leland Yee to Assemblymember Tom Ammiano to Supervisor David Campos. Change for the BART police will be coming, sooner or later.

Now for some photos, click to expand. These two kicked things off by getting down on the ground and attracting the attention of about 20 camera people. That’s some photojournalism right there. But Young Joe Eskanazi sees this as a problem. (Yes he failed to count himself, and others.)

With City Hall in the background:

This was the bulk of the crowd, conservatively(!) estimated at 150, per an IndyBay commenter. Throw in lots of media, about 50 Canon “L” (for luxury, about $1000 a clip) camera lenses and a ton of cops and you had lots of activity:

Foster Grant, Obama, and Malcom X:

The lone San Francisco Police Department uniformed officer on site in with the crowd was a Captain, leading from the front: 

Two helicopters and the Evening Star rising so it’s time to march on over to Union Square and the Financh.: 

The march to Powell Station, with more leadership from the aforementioned Capitan.

Orange “less lethal” shotgun with a clip of bean bag bullets. No TASER seen:

Can you see the garbage can? This youth dragged it into the middle of Kearny Street for some reason, inciting a what’s a matter you gesture from a taxi driver. Other youts threw some aluminum chairs for a bit in Union Square:

So there you have it. To be continued.

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One Response to “The Oscar Grant Shooting Protests Head to San Francisco”

  1. unknown says:

    Why was there such a response to this killing?

    Young men get killed in the SF Bay area all the time.