How to Get Your Official San Francisco ID Card, Program Kicks Off Today

First of all, if you’re asking yourself how on Earth you could possibly use one of these cards, then don’t worry about this whole program, as it’s not really for you. Moving on…

Here’s the procedure for getting a card.  And here’s where you can use it. Oakland-based Capture Technologies says that these $15 cards are “protected from forgery, fraud, tampering or alteration.” Are they really harder to tamper with than your driver license from the DMV? Who knows.  

Anyway, deets after the jump.

Mayor Gavin Newsom and Assemblyman Tom Ammiano Promote All-in-One Card for
                         San Francisco Residents
SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Mayor Gavin Newsom and Assemblyman Tom Ammiano are
launching the San Francisco City ID Card program today, which offers San
Francisco residents a photo identification card that streamlines access to
city programs and connects residents to local businesses.
“This ID card will make it easier for all San Franciscans to see a doctor,
open a bank account, and enroll their kids in preschool,” said Mayor Gavin
Newsom.  The SF City ID Card program is modeled after the successful
program started in New Haven, Connecticut in July 2007.  All city agencies
will accept the card as proof of identity and residency.
Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, who authored the City ID Card legislation said,
“The card will help a wide breadth of San Franciscans – children that don’t
have a school ID, working immigrants that want to open a bank account, and
seniors without driver’s licenses.  The transgender community is also
excited about an ID that accurately represents their identities.”
“The SF City ID Card is a unique program that combines library borrowing
privileges, access to Recreation and Park activities, and discounts at
local businesses,” said Mayor Newsom.  Over 30 businesses are offering
discounts to card holders.
Bank on San Francisco, the first comprehensive program in the United States
to serve the “unbanked,” is an integral part of the SF City ID Card.  Eight
of the Bank on SF partners – both banks and credit unions – will be
accepting the SF City ID Card as a primary form of identification to open a
bank account.  According to Treasurer Jose Cisneros, “Bank on San
Francisco’s partnership with the SF City ID Card will help more city
residents get onto the path of financial stability and asset-building.”
Cities such as New York, Miami, Oakland and Richmond, CA have shown
interest in starting similar programs. For more information about the SF
City ID Card program, please visit

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  1. Akit says:

    The discounts at the stores and restaurants don’t seem that bad. You might get your value for the card after a couple of tries.