Bloody Masonic Avenue Gets a Little More Bloody Today

Here’s the scene this morning at San Francisco’s Masonic and Fell – official SFPD-issue handcuffs on the bloodied wrists of this agitated fellow bleeding from his left ear. There was a sweet black Motobecane bike parked nearby, but the particulars of this particular incident, one that occupied the attention of about 20 City and County employees, aren’t all that worthy of note.

What IS interesting to note is that the intersection of Fell and Masonic is the most action-packed in the city of San Francisco, even more than Adam’s Block in the gritty Tenderloin. What somebody should do is mount a video camera up high and run it 24/7. That way, there’d be no arguments over who was at fault for whichever injury-producing incident.   

And maybe, we’d have fewer problems after getting more data. And, just thinking out of the box here, why do we allow Masonic to go through the Panhandle anyway? Could we just get rid of that one block of Masonic?

Rip up some asphalt, lay down some turf, ameliorate the neighbors – man, that might be some fine urban planning right there.

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4 Responses to “Bloody Masonic Avenue Gets a Little More Bloody Today”

  1. Chris says:

    I’m confused. I stopped to assist at an incident at the corner of Fell and Masonic this morning at 10am. What I saw was a female bicyclist with a substantial head injury, conscious but immobile, with no other involved party in sight. A truck had stopped ad put out some traffic cones, and the driver was in communication with 911. Two women (passing joggers I believe) were comforting the victim and a fire truck was approaching when I left the scene.

    Is this an additional accident involving bikes and head injuries at the same spot within a two hour period?

    If not, what the hell happened? Who is the guy in your picture? Where’s the woman I saw injured?

    What a cluster f–k!

    BTW, the bicyclist was NOT wearing a helmet, and she looked like she had hit head first twice. Who wants to be that lesson?

  2. TB says:

    ” … why do we allow Masonic to go through the Panhandle anyway? Could we just get rid of that one block of Masonic?”

    You’re joking, right?

    Masonic is the major north/south route to and from the Haight, for one thing.

    If you cut that off, not are you going to have to reroute some of the city’s major bus lines as well as traffic wanting to get through the park, but getting police, fire and ambulance to and from Haight just got a LOT harder and will also, therefor, take a LOT longer to reach its intended destination.

    Divisidero is already beyond capacity, and Stanyan is way too narrow to run not only the additional traffic, but also buses AND police, fire & ambulances.

    Also, both of these streets are more than a quarter of a mile to either side of Masonic, meaning to get from the corner of Masonic and Fell to the corner of Masonic and Oak would add half a mile to any given trip.

    Not to mention that any traffic shunted to Stanyan would have to deal with an already complex intersection and set of traffic lights. If traveling southbound on Masonic, you would be forced right onto Fell. Then you’d have to stay right for that short intersection/light at Fell & Stanyan to make a left onto Stanyan (currently only two or three cars can make it through at the moment do to the small physical space at that intersection, imagine if the traffic volume was increased by all the traffic from Masonic). Then wait for another light so you can turn left again onto Oak, currently getting 3 – 5 cars through at best. Then travel another quarter mile to get to within 100 yards of where you started.

    You might as well ask to close off Masonic at Geary.

    There are already lights at Schrader, Cole, Clayton and Ashbury to the West of Masonic, and lights at Central, Lyon, Baker and Broderick to the East.

    Rather than re-route a huge chunk of car traffic, along with major bus lines as well as police, fire and ambulance service to one of two bad options (Stanyan or Divisidero), why not re-route BIKE traffic to any one of EIGHT, traffic-light controlled, and much lighter traveled streets?

  3. sfcitizen says:

    That was the scene at around 10:15 AM, so it could be related.

  4. sfcitizen says:

    Thinking outside of the box here. You want to move the bike trail – that might be an idea as well.