The Pocket Gophers of San Francisco Lead Dangerous Lives

Pity the poor Botta’s pocket gophers of Golden Gate Park. You know who wants to eat them? Adult herons, baby herons, foxes, coyotes, tiny terriers, feral and house cats [added per request of commenter “Dude”], and of course hawks (but feel free to call them “falcons,” as “born and raised” San Franciscans are sometimes wont to do).

And speaking of native sons, Carl Nolte recently did a bit about the Circle of Life, incuding hawks and gophers, of the City. Of course some people, like gardeners and soccer players, just can’t stand these little rodents. Oh well.

A red tailed hawk takes an unlucky gopher back to the nest in Golden Gate Park. Click to expand.

Poor little feller.

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5 Responses to “The Pocket Gophers of San Francisco Lead Dangerous Lives”

  1. kap$hure says:

    duder! what a shot!! nice. ah mother natures housekeeping at its best

  2. sfcitizen says:

    muchas gracias, BerDerp

  3. paulh says:

    Walter Kitundu has some amazing pictures of urban hawks and their largely un-noticed overhead mayhem at his photo site Most of the shots were taken in city parks.

  4. David K says:

    I am in awe of your nature photography. Me… I blame my camera :)

    I have a birding question for you. Do you have a suggestion as to good spots to see perching birds in GGP? I live at the far end of the panhandle and have had some good luck around Masonic (2 different woodpeckers yesterday), and I go to Lloyd Lake regularly to see what’s there (some nice hooded mergansers lately), but I don’t seem to have much luck finding warblers, interesting finches and that sort of thing.

    Thanks and thanks for your photos,


  5. dude says:

    Add house cats to your list of things that eat pocket gophers. Citation: