Photos of 2009 Abortion March in San Francisco – March for Life West Coast vs.Counterprotesters

Well, as expected, the March for Life West Coast went off yesterday with a whole bunch of people involved. That’s tens of thousands minimum, but the SFPD saw fit to block access to a vantage point on a pedestrian bridge this year. So, that’s as good an estimate as you’re going to get here – tens of thousands.

You can see what it looked like with a lot of photos here but also and here and here and here, or even here, from The Deacon 4 Life or from the here and here. This event was international news, but it was ignored by most of the denizens of San Francisco. Some merchants welcomed the visitors with open arms, anyway.

This was the rally at 11:00 AM near Justin Herman Plaza. Click to expand:

Interestingly, the March for Life rally employed help from Michael S. Hensley PARTY Rental & Sales Co. (650) 583-0337. Boy oh boy[cott], that’s brave.

Anyway, this was the bulk of the crowd of pro-choice counter protesters at the start of the noontime march. There were hundreds on the pro-choice side, or several hundreds if you prefer.

From the Ferry Building area all the way up Embarcadero on their way to Fishermans Wharf and beyond.

A closer look at the vanguard reveals that fashion (Channel funglasses, hoop earrings, French manicures and high heeled suede boots) was the order of the day. These are the people the organizers handpicked to represent the face of yesterday’s parade.

For a while there, both sides were in formation heading up Herb Caen Way and the Embarc.

The SFPD was out in force, as per usual. Here, the bicycle corps keeps ’em separated 

A home-made sign, one of many. A few referenced Barack Obama.

The sole svástika of the day.

On the other side, some people just stood on the sidewalk and stared at the oncoming parade.

Instead of “I’m with Stupid,” we have “I’m With Fascists”

And on no side in particular, Frank Chu (the “Galaxy Guy” per one SFPD officer).

A Mount Rushmore of sanctimonious iPodded teens…

…walking past this fellow handing out free condoms. That pretty much sums things up.

Guess what? Even more photos after the jump

Don’t forget about the one on one engagements.

No on 8 speaks with Yes on 8 – these people enjoy their short conversations

A begoggled David Letterman dropped by on behalf of the National Lawyers Guild Legal Observer Program. These people with the lime green hats are invariably earnest – we’re talking the Importance of Being Earnest earnest, Ernest Goes to Camp earnest, The Wine Cellars of Ernest and Julio Gallo earnest, relentlessly, oppressively earnest, earnest, earnest, earnest….

Apparently six billion people aren’t enough for this world. Really?

Ron Paul-fan Roe is pro-life now? Did not know that. (Hey, what about Doe – what’s she up to these days?)  

The bulk of the marchers were of the female persuasion.

It was clear they put some thought into their signs.


And a lot of them traveled from far away, like Southern California.

The counterdemonstrators, too, put work into their signs.

Just look at this thoughtful fellow.

So there you have it. Is this a sisterhood forged under adverse conditions in scary, dangerous San Francisco, the modern-day Gomorrah? Mmmm. It’s possible the ride up from Bakersfield in a decrepit 15-passenger church van with a too-short wheelbase presented a greater danger, but oh well.   

See you next year.

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6 Responses to “Photos of 2009 Abortion March in San Francisco – March for Life West Coast vs.Counterprotesters”

  1. Hahha! That last guy pictured is Darren, a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. You can’t see it very well in the picture, but his pink hat is a vagina.

  2. Alexei says:

    I like that picture. A way of saying “none of us want abortions, but maybe our way of avoiding them is more effective”. Pointing out that a lot of antiabortion activists seem more interested in preventing sex than they are in preventing abortions. I would love to see a contingent of condom distributors at every march like this– maybe label them with “Don’t have an abortion, make sure to use a condom.” And unlike most of the aggressive counterprotester tactics, it might have a positive result, change some minds, maybe even prevent an actual abortion.

    Safe, Legal, and Rare, right?

  3. Rebecca says:

    Yes, Doe is also pro-life now. Roe and Doe tried to have their cases overturned.

    About the condoms, interestingly, whenever Planned Parenthood has gone into a high school and started condom distributions, the pregnancy rates have gone up (according to their own studies).

  4. Bravo on your thorough coverage and great photos especially the one of the Sister (of perpetual Indulgence that is). I couldn’t make it to the protest but am very glad that so many did. This is a fight that is still important.
    I also have a favor to ask. I am starting up a grass roots print magazine that deals with women’s issues. We have an article that addresses the Christian Right’s attempt to create a disorder known as Post abortion Stress Syndrome. The article involves the writer being swept up accidentally in an anti-abortion protest very much like the one on saturday. We couldn’t get any photos from pro-choice photographers then but now we can if you give me permission. I would love to print the one of the students with “Life” taped on their faces. I’d be happy to credit you and to put a link to your blog on our website. Cheers, Ginger

  5. sfcitizen says:

    That sounds fine…

  6. Reality Check says:

    Interesting that this march has more people every year. The problem that abortion rights supporters have is that they are aborting and contracepting themselves out of existence while the other side is into large families. Even with Obama’s support it doesn’t look good for the future of legal abortion.