More Changes Coming for Areas around Fell and Masonic, Octavia Boulevard

Oh boy, it’s going to be ON this Friday when 10-day-old DPT Order #3579 gets its first public hearing. Click to expand:


Check it:

“The Director of Parking and Traffic will hold a public hearing on Friday, January 30, 2009, at10:00 AM, in Room 416 (Hearing Room 4), City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, SanFrancisco, CA  94102, to consider the following proposals:

Haight Street, eastbound, between Buchanan and Laguna Streets (adds additional eastbound left turn lane to Haight Street to reduce delay to Muni bus service).

Fell Street, south side, from 150 feet to 200 feet east of Masonic Avenue (an additional 50 feet) to lengthen the left turn lane.”

So let’s see here…

Item the First. This will change the intersection of Haight and Laguna so that there’s a left-only lane on downhill Haight at Laguna. Will this help bus lines, such as the 2.5 star rated #71Haight-Noriega electric get onto Laguna faster? That’s the idea, anyway.

What’s the source of the problem – could this congestion be one of the muy malo radiating effects” of the Octavia Boulevard / Offramp that Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi speaks of?   

Signs point to yes.

Looking west at the intersection in question.

Item the Second. Can you see the red curb indicating the tow-away area of the left side of Fell just before Masonic? That’s going to get two or three car lengths longer. Can you handle that, NIMBY? Sure you can.

Looking west at the intersection in question.

So there you have it. Read the notice itself for more stuff in there about:

New Areas for the Residential Permit Parking program (which is, of course a fascist insect that prays upon the lives of the people, I’ll explain that sometime);

A longer-lasting parking/waiting/doing-your-nails-while-you-sit-idling-for-20-minutes-in-the-Honda-or Toyota zone for the Trader Joe’s on (everybody’s favorite whipping boy) Masonic Avenue;


Whatever happens this Friday, it will be a test of writer Matt Smith‘s Hope Change Parking postulate  of neighborhood conflict fading away in the Obama era.

See you there!  

When they remove your parking spot 
how you gonna come?
With your hands on your head
or on the trigger of your gun?

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4 Responses to “More Changes Coming for Areas around Fell and Masonic, Octavia Boulevard”

  1. Couldn’t agree more on your parking permit comment! Happy to help you explain it someday….

  2. sfcitizen says:

    You should do a post, I’ll follow your lead.

    I remember when at sticker cost a lot less than $60 or whatever it is these days.

    Danielle steel had 28 decals or something back in 2002

  3. RatBike says:

    Wait Wait Wait. I live on Fell right by this light and they are going to take MORE of our parking street. It’s already super tight trying to get a parking after 7:00pm and now they are going to take away another 3 spots! WTF

    Why don’t they just make NO left turns on to Masonic, go up about another couple blocks and make ONE lane that cuts through the Panhandle that veers right onto OAK.

    Nobody will understand this unless they live around this area!

  4. sfcitizen says:

    I’m open for ideas. No left onto Masonic sounds good to me.

    This is pretty much done deal, is my understanding.