The Brave Lane-Splitting Bikers of the Streets of San Francisco

Lane-splitting, famously legal in California only, can be a dangerous game on the freeway. But what about the mean city streets of San Francisco?

These two fellows must have a lot of good stories of close calls if they spend much time lanesplitting on bloody Masonic Avenue, as shown here.

Click to expand. Note the BRC sticker awarded to graduates of the safety-oriented Basic Rider Course [or to survivors of Burning Man’s Black Rock City, see comments.]

All lanesplitters should wear the medal of the Vatican-certified patron saint of motocycle riders, Columbanus of Bobbio.

(Columbanus gives you protection from floods as well. Bonus!)

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5 Responses to “The Brave Lane-Splitting Bikers of the Streets of San Francisco”

  1. stinky says:

    all CA drivers should be required to take the motorcycle test. that way, when driving, they’re equally aware of the same issues that motorcyclists face on a daily basis, lanesplitting aside.

  2. rzu says:

    Um. If I’m not mistaken, that is not a basic rider course sticker, rather a Black Rock City sticker, from the Burningman Festival.

  3. rzu says:

    Here you go

  4. RatBike says:

    As an 11 year rider here, I split lanes to get away from all the idiot drivers out there and for fear of getting rear ended in those busy times on the road. That guy is on a 4 door scooter and is taking a much bigger risk than people (like me) on smaller rat bikes.

  5. sfcitizen says:

    This rider was very aggressive, IMO. Zipping in and out of lanes in the fifteen seconds that I saw him