Dennis Herrera Kicks Off Reelection Run at Talk Hosted by Melissa Griffin

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera ran hard, alone four years back during his reelection campaign and it looks like history is repeating itself in 2009. That’s the conclusion you’d reach after witnessing a short Q and A between Mr. H. and San Francisco Examiner City Hall Examiner Sweet Melissa Griffin a few days back.

Incumbent Dennis is unafraid to debate the issues with other candidates before this November’s election (assuming there will be any other candidates). He’s never ducked a debate except for once – the night his son was born back in 2001.

It’s Dennis Jose Herrera, Melissa Griffin, and her famous Moleskine notebook. Why she hasn’t yet been recruited as a legal commentator by CNN, MSNBC or Fox News remains a mystery:

Here’s a little bit of news: His participation on the No on Proposition 8 Executive Committee last year was limited to raising a million dollars. He was reluctant to “Monday morning quarterback” about what could have been done differently in the No on Prop 8 campaign.

He also touched on a wide range of issues, including what it’s like to manage the City Attorney’s office. But you might not hear too much more about his reelection run until somebody gets brave and tries to challenge him. Otherwise, we’ll have a rerun of 2005.

To be continued…

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2 Responses to “Dennis Herrera Kicks Off Reelection Run at Talk Hosted by Melissa Griffin”

  1. Jim – You are just wonderful! It was great to see you the other night. Will you be my agent?

  2. sfcitizen says:


    I’ve always dreamed of becoming a ten percenter.