Confused Fruit Trees of San Francisco Started Blooming in January

Well, considering our balmy January, 2009 it’s only natural to expect the fruit trees of San Francisco, like your cherry and your plum, to start awakening for Spring. That’s good news for the wild parrots of Telegraph Hill, anyway.

Now the cherry trees near the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park still have no buds, but a lot of other trees in the city are already going like gangbusters. Will we have cherry blossoms on Post Street this April, when the annual Japantown Cherry Blossom Festival rolls around?

This is what some trees near Stow Lake looked like in January, 2009

Only Punxsutawney Phil knows for sure.

Don’t tell the wild parrots about the blooms. The wild parrots of San Francisco love to eat flowers, num num: 

Happy Ground Hog Day, San Francisco.

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One Response to “Confused Fruit Trees of San Francisco Started Blooming in January”

  1. Kay says:

    jim, the blossom photo is amazing! i love that you can see the petals curling at the edges.