The Powerful, Remote-Controlled Electric Skateboards of Golden Gate Park

You see, this is why we have Healthy Sundays diverting cars away from JFK Jr. Drive in Golden Gate Park. It’s so people can zip along at 20 MPH on their .8 horsepower electric skateboards. You see what this fellow is holding? That’s his gas pedal, wirelessly connected to the motor. No embarrassing cord for him!

This could be you on your 2009 Altered Exkate Pro-Line 600. It’s only $600. Read the owner’s manual, read all the cautionary material, and skate, skate, skateboard.

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How do you pronounce the Exkate name?
Ex-skate (X-kate)

How fast does it go?
Depends on the model, but 19 mph is an approximate top end.

REAL WORLD SPEED TEST, thanks to the guys at Bionic Wheels…
“I timed myself (195 lbs) with a training GPS going 25 mph top speed on the 800 watt off road model on a smooth level road, vs. 22 mph top speed on the 600 watt street model. This does not sound fast but when you are riding a skateboard it feels damn fast. Top speed depends several factors: rider weight, wind, surface, steady, low drag stance, slope, battery, remote. These speed tests were on the 08 models. We expect the new ones, to be a bit faster as they come with bigger diameter motors.”

How long does it take to charge?
Recharging takes approximately 4 hours.

How far does it go?
Up to 10 miles/15 kms, depending on the model.

What’s the major difference between the 250, 600 and 800 watt models?
The 600 watt PRO-LINE is our number one selling model hands down. It’s fast, it will carry riders up hills and it’ll power you through anything & everything. CUSTOM SERIES 600′s are basically upgraded USA manufactured decks on the same drive terrain as the PRO-LINE 600, which are assembled & tuned here in Orange County, CA.

Our 250 Watt Model is called the WOMBAT 250 and it’s perfect for lighter weights (95-155 lbs). They’re super close in feel to traditional skateboards. If you are in that weight range and don’t need the to go up steep hills, the Wombats are a blast, easy to carry and super maneuverable.

The M6 800is in a league of it own. We typically compare riding them to other extreme sports, basically it’s llike surfing mated with  motocross! Here the riding is fast, exciting and the board can be used on rougher terrain. Note that all the typical precautions of dirt bike riding should be taken especially if your pushing the limits on one.How does it work? and how does it Start & Stop?
The board is powered by a 24V or 36V electric motor using sealed batteries as an energy source. Boards are controlled with a handheld wireless controller that offers a variable throttle and motor braking. You simply stand on the board and pull the trigger SLOWLY & SMOOTHLY to accelerate, and push the trigger forward GENTLEY to brake. CAUTION!the torque is strong at take off & full throttle, but using a smooth & even touch on the trigger allows the rider to apply only a small amount of power. It’s relatively simple to “roll the board along” at low speeds. Pushing forward on the controller’s trigger applies resistance to the skateboard’s motor, providing an effective braking system on flat ground. The board can be controlled effectively down mild/gradual grade hills with the braking system. Note, that the braking system does not bring the board to a total stop, and it should never be relied on. In many cases you can go down a gradual hill with ease, whereas on the same hill with a “regular” longboard you could lose control. Or you can do big slalom turns on the flats at either fast or slow speeds, and you can speed up or slow down. With these electric skateboards, you have hands free operation so there’s no tether to get tangled up in. Parents & Rider’s should take a moment to watch this Helmet/Safety video. Click Here

How does it brake?
Check the answer above. Motor braking… by pushing GENTLEYforward on the remote’s trigger applies resistance to the skateboard’s motor, providing an effective braking system that will slow the board down.

How much does it cost?
Current models range from $399.95 and up to $799.95.

What kind of surfaces can I ride it on?
Cement, asphalt and concrete. The Electric Skateboard is designed to be ridden on SMOOTH, DRY surfaces. Riding on anything else will result in damage to the electronics and require repair. Never ride in rain/wet weather or on wet/slick surfaces. Also avoid all puddles. Note, the M6 model will work on pack surfaces like trails and rougher terrain.

Can it go up hill? and how about down hills?
Yes, it will climb a fairly steep hill, if you can hold on. It’s best to traverse up hills, since this reduces the grade and increases the fun — carving up the hill! Electric skateboards will go down low-grade hills but extreme care should be taken at all times. Hill descents other than mild ones should be avoided. Do not ride in situations above your ability. Make sure you’ve mastered the flats before ever attempting hills and it’s best to avoid all steeper grades. Always give yourself plenty of stopping distance in case the brakes do not stop you as you expect.

How about Skate Ramps and Curbs?
USE THE BOARD FOR RIDING ON LEVEL GROUND. IT’S NOT FOR RAMPS, JUMPS, CURBS OR STEEP HILLS… Jumping off curbs, grinding & rough handling will damage the board’s electronics and void your warranty. Ride only on smooth, dry, hard surfaces. Always lay the skateboard down gently, otherwise damage to the internal & external components may result. Do NOT perform any tricks that result in impact.

What makes our DWINDLE / DSM Epoxy Decks better than others?
Take a moment and watch… Rodney Mullen gives you a tour of DSM. Click Here

What is the board’s maximum weight capacity?
Up to 235 lbs on the 600/800 watt models. The 250 watt models have a 165 lbs Maximum Rider Weight limit. PLEASE OBSERVE THE BOARD’S WEIGHT LIMITS OR YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS, INCLUDING BURNING UP THE MOTOR & BROKEN BELTS. Do not ride any board if your weight exceeds maximum limits of the particular board model. Also, please do not ride with more than one person on the board.

Why do belts break?
The number one reason is that in many cases the rider is too heavy for a particular model. The 150 models have a maximum weight range of 125 lbs., 250 models with handle up to 165 lbs. So make sure not to ride models that aren’t designed for your body weight. It’s also important to learn to accelerate SMOOTHLY & SLOWLY and then slow down by GENTLY & EVENLY braking. If you slam on the motor brake you can go through belts and it’s also hard on the motor, so it should be avoided. Click Here to learn how to install a new belt.

What is the minimum age?
We suggest that no one under the age of 16 rides the Electric Skateboards. If otherwise, adult supervision is highly recommended. Best to check the laws in your area/country and take the necessary precautions to be safe.

What is the life expectancy of the batteries?
You should be able to re-charge the batteries 100-200 times before there recharged life is substantially reduced. We stock the batteries if you need to replace them.

Is the Exkate Electric Skateboard dangerous?
It can be. It is not a toy, it’s an action sport and caution must be used at all times. Appropriate safety gear, helmet, knee & elbow pads are strongly recommended and/or required. Parents and Rider’s should take a moment to watch this Helmet/Safety video. Click Here

How do you make turns on the Exkate Electric Skateboard?
Similar to skateboarding, surfing or snowboarding you simply lean or press your weight forward or backward to turn in either direction. Our patented Torsion Truck design gives you as little as an 8-ft turning radius and it’s relatively stable compared to most regular skateboards.

Where can I try the Exkate Electric Skateboard?
E-mail us your state and city and we will respond with information.

More FAQ’s coming soon!Questions covering Parts, Wheels, Bearings, Trucks, Decks, Batteries, Motors, Helmets & More. For Customer Support including How To’s, Board Maintenance & Repairs and Safety First – Click Here.


*For purchasing and sales information, please contact us toll-free at 1 (800) 214-3595.
Hours: M-F 10am – 5pm Pacific Time. Fast Flat Rate Shipping Available!
*We strongly recommend wearing a Helmet & Pads while riding longboards & powerboards at all times.

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