NightLife Evening Program at the CA Academy of Sciences a Huge Success

Well, as promised, the California Academy of Sciences debuted their nightLife program last night. It was wildly popular, with thousands of attendees. You had DJs, hard drinks, ID checks, wristbands, rope lines, limos parked out front – just like a night club. Inside, you had a youthful social scene + sciencey things. Some people were all dolled up in high, high, heels and others were in blue jeans, but everybody got along. What could be better?

But, man, it’s so much easier to buy your tickets online instead of queueing up. And for that matter, it’s even easier to become a member for a year for $99Membership Has Its Privileges, as they say.

Anyway, the line for people who couldn’t get online tickets went around the huge building. Click to expand:

Then you had Executive Director Dr. Greg Farrington, whom all the animals love, walking around like Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion, checking to see if everybody was having a good time.

Rainforest by night:

Under the dome, friendly butterflies:

And not-so-freindly snakes:

Popular San Francisco District One Supervisor Eric Mar (The Mayor of the Richmond) dropped by. Here he encounters yet another ugly customer:

Have a Heineken, look at a fish. From high up in the canopy through the see-through floor:

But let’s not forget about the free-flowing no host bar…

…and the dancing:

See you there next week!

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