Lance Armstrong Runs With the Devil Through the San Francisco Bay Area

Is Lance Armstrong noble? He seems to think so. That’s the latest from the rainy AMGEN Tour of California.

El Diablo catching up with L. Armstrong? Riding through the Bay Area today, click to expand: 

via Emlyn Stokes

The question from Paul Kimmage of London’s Sunday Times that set Lance on edge:

“You’ve spoke recently about the return of Ivan Basso and Floyd Landis, who have returned after their suspensions, compared to David Millar – that they should be welcomed back like he was. But there was one obvious difference in that Millar admitted his doping whereas these guys have admitted to nothing. What is it about these guys dopers that you seem to admire so much?”

There’ll be no answers coming forth on that front, it appears. But here’s more grist for the mill.

What do some of the French think about Lance returning to compete in the Tour de France?

“Avec tous les soupçons de dopage à son encontre, ce retour n’est pas une bonne nouvelle pour le cyclisme.”


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2 Responses to “Lance Armstrong Runs With the Devil Through the San Francisco Bay Area”

  1. TM says:

    Kimmage didn’t say “these guys” he said “these dopers”. Check it out on YouTube.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    So noted, corrected. thx.

    I guess that makes a hostile question more hostile.