The Purposefully Destroyed Timbuk2 Messenger Bags of the Lower Haight

Look at just a part of the cache of TIMBUK2 messenger bags that were strewn about the sidewalks of the Lower Haight recently. Can you see how somebody took a blade and methodically rendered these bags useless – who would do that?

Are these factory seconds from the San Francisco Timbuk2 production line, like there was there a concern that inferior products could hurt the brand? Or maybe somebody didn’t want these items to getting returned to the store for refund or exchange?

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Now the people at the North Face Outlet, hooh boy, when they used to have sales in San Francisco’s SOMA back in the day, they used to bring it – just the tiniest flaw would justify a huge discount (and sometimes they’d have great deals on perfectly good, but unpopular, goods).

But how would The North Face people keep outlet purchasers from going to the full-price yuppie store in Union Square to get a full-price refund? Why, TNF would have a worker color in the iconic logo’s “O” with a Sharpie:


No refund for you! Some wear this blackened “O,” this scarlet ebony letter, as a badge of honor.

Anyway, It seems a shame about all those Timbuk2 bags. 

Poor little fellers.

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One Response to “The Purposefully Destroyed Timbuk2 Messenger Bags of the Lower Haight”

  1. Plug1 says:

    i colored in my entire NF logo with a sharpie. i wear one, not because i am a yuppy (i am not) but for the fact that they adapt to SF weather very nicely.

    ive also covered all of the logos/red lines on my DSLR for the same reason: i am not a billboard and prefer to be discrete about my purchases.