The Crazy, Artificial, Upward-Flowing Creeks of Golden Gate Park

Check out this creek that feeds Lloyd Lake in Golden Gate Park. See it on the right side, flowing away and to the right? Doesn’t it appear to be going uphill and around the corner?

Check it out yourself the next time you’re on JFK Jr. Drive near Transverse in San Francisco.

Click to expand.

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4 Responses to “The Crazy, Artificial, Upward-Flowing Creeks of Golden Gate Park”

  1. salsa says:

    It’s called camera tilt– the horizon line does not necessarily bisect the image. No illusion to see here, move along.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    You should check it out the next time you’re in the area. The creek appears to flow uphill in real life, having nothing to do with camera tilt

  3. jen says:

    ha, it’s like the mystery spot! will look for it next time i’m there!

  4. sfcitizen says:

    That’s basically my point. Don’t go out there with a plumber’s level or anything