The Thrifty Sheriff’s Deputies of San Francisco County

Don’t you hate parking tickets from the DPT? Well join the club started by this fellow, an on-the-job, uniformed San Francisco County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Just what do you think he’s doing to the left rear tire of this unnamed, straight-out-of-Sindelfingen, Executive-Klasse, Autobahn-burning luxury car that he just happens to have the keys to? He spent a few minutes doing something to that tire. After he left, the luxury car had no Parking Control Officer chalk mark. Which is unlike…

…the other cars in this two-hour free parking zone, which had left rear tires all marked up with chalk. Thusly:

That mark could be evidence that you overstayed your welcome, so it will get you a hefty ticket when the PCO comes back. Is it agin the law to remove the mark from the tire your Parking Control Officer just chalked up? Yes, that’s a violation of the San Francisco Traffic Code Section 21.

Do people really park, go to work and then move their cars around the neighborhood all day long? People do. Of course if that’s their habit, then stray marks might be all over their tires, perhaps necessitating a cleaning every now and then.   

That could have been what happened here. Sure looked funny though.

UPDATE: Welcome readers from – “The law enforcement peanut gallery – a place to joke, vent, discuss serious issues & be entertained.”

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4 Responses to “The Thrifty Sheriff’s Deputies of San Francisco County”

  1. What’s with the white boxes?

  2. sfcitizen says:

    That’s the area on the uniform where you’d be able to note the presence and number of chevrons indicating rank. I gave a lot of info already.

    Here’s a tip – when dealing with the authoritahs, refer to him/her by rank in your first reply. Say it once and that’s it.

    No “officer” no “sir.” Just learn the ranks, it’s easy

  3. albert says:

    i don’t understand, did the cop mark the tire or rub the tire off?

  4. sfcitizen says:

    Only parking control officers (meter maids) mark the car tires, the Sheriff’s Dept isn’t in charge of that. There were no marks on the deputy’s car.