Will 2009 be Another Busy Year for the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco?

Of course last year‘s Olympic protests around the Chinese Consulate at 1450 Laguna near Geary really livlied up the Western Addition / Japantown area in 2008. Let’s review and then see what’s coming up for 2009.

Did this really happen last year? Yes it did. It’s U.C. Davis grad / protest artist Nyendak Wangden hanging off the side of the gosh darn building. It’s supposed to look like she was hung by the neck, but she was safe under the robes in her climbing harness. Safe until somebody on the roof hacked at the red rope causing her to fall. Ouch. Click to expand:

Source unknown This could be a one-of-a-kind photo

How long a fall to the balcony would you say that was? 15 feet or so? Note the absence of the flagpoles in this later photo – those poles got nubbed shortly after the rope cutting incident.

The mise-en-scene from before the rope thang. (NB: The next time you illegally suspend yourself from a building to make a political point, do it above a balcony – it can be a long way to sidewalk otherwise:

But that was then, this is now. More recently, “serial package throwerAaron Bassler made the news by throwing items containing wacky stuff (something to do with the “Martian military”) over the fence of the consulate. These objects were treated as bombs by the SFPD. Thusly:

That crime wave is over. What’s coming up in 2009? Well, stuff to do with Tibet – read on after the jump.

And of course, the 20th anniversary of Tiananmen Square is coming up on June 4, 2009 as well. Just saying.

Concertina wire up on the roof and a decrease in flagpoles are two of the more obvious changes the past year. A recent photo:

Public Prayer session for victims of the recent brutal crackdown and
those missing and in detention on Feb 25, 2009, First day of Tibetan New
Year. Location: Evening time, Berkeley, CA, TBA.


March 2: A Day Commemorating Tibet:

A Day Commemorating Tibet:

Monday, March 2, 2009

11:30 am- 1:00 pm

State Capitol, Sacramento CA. West Steps

Assemblyman Blakeslee introduced a resolution to the California State
Assembly calling on them to officially recognize March 10th as “Dalai
Lama and Tibet Awareness Day” Speeches, Cultural Performance,
Information Tabling by numerous Tibet groups from around California. A
large crowd of supporters is requested. Join us and learn about the
Tibetan organizations in California, and support making March 10 a
special day marked for Tibet. See
04_introduced.pdf for text of the proposed resolution. For information
contact Giovanni Vassallo at 415-264-3264.


SAN FRANCISCO AREA JOINS 50th Worldwide Protests for Tibetan Freedom

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the National Tibetan Uprising Day!


Contact:           Tsering Dorjee- 510-590-7930, Giovanni Vassallo

Date:                Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time:               10am- 4pm

Location:         Berkeley City Hall, Justin Herman Plaza, San Francisco
City Hall, & Chinese Consulate

*       9-10 AM – Tibetan Flag raising ceremony at the Berkeley City
Hall, Berkeley, CA
*       10:30-11 AM – Rally at Justin Herman Plaza Then March along
Market St. toward City Hall.
*       1-2 PM –  San Francisco City Hall Program including Guest
speakers and Political Theater
*       2:30- 3:30 PM- Protest/Rally in front of the Chinese consulate
*       7-9 PM Candlelight Vigil at Union Square, San Francisco

Hundreds of Tibetans and supporters as far away as Denver to Los Angeles
will join forces with local Tibet organizations to commemorate March
10th, the 50thanniversary of Tibetan National Uprising Day with
flag-raising, rallies, marches, and a candlelight vigil in Berkeley and
San Francisco. 50 years ago on March 10, 1959 began an unbroken cycle of
injustice and brutal repression in Tibet by hostile Chinese government
forces. Immediately after this initial Tibetan uprising, over 87,000
Tibetans were killed by Chinese military forces, consolidating their
illegal occupation of Tibet. San Francisco TEAM TIBET vows to continue
the resistance to the ever-worsening Chinese government tyranny.

 More information about the upcoming Tibetan candle light vigils,
marches, prayer sessions, rallies and other events will be forthcoming.
Please check out the websites of San Francisco Team Tibet:
sfteamtibet.org, tanc.org, sftyc.org, friends-of-tibet.org,
studendsforafreetibet.org, or c100tibet.org for more information about
Tibet and Northern California Tibetan issues.

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