San Francisco’s Great Pie Fight of 2009 – Standout Photos

Well it was advertised on the Laughing Squid and the San Francisco Bay Area Art, Culture & Technology Events Squid List (something like craigslist but with less pandering), so it had to be good. Herbie Hatman from the Yelp-rated SFØ (or SFZero, or SF0, or SFZed, or whatever) promoted the spectacle that was yesterday’s Pie Fight at the Powell Street cable car turnaround near Market. 

Take a look below and then compare with 2007’s Barbersol-fueled action.

The mise-en-scene during the melee. Click to expand:

via Steve Rhodes

Here’s the pre-game…

“© mekuria getinet /

..and the aftermath:

“© mekuria getinet /

“© mekuria getinet /

“© mekuria getinet /

See you next year!

via John Curley

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4 Responses to “San Francisco’s Great Pie Fight of 2009 – Standout Photos”

  1. DaveO says:

    Who was responsible for cleanup?

  2. robert says:

    I loved both 2007 and this years pie pix! You’re right, shaving cream is way better then whipped cream. I was a little disappointed that the full-figured red haired lady didn’t show this year. She was fun personified! If you see her, tell her I said hi

  3. sfcitizen says:

    Roger, on the lookout for her next year, if there IS a next year,,,