How to Break into Cars on the Streets of San Francisco

Of course you already carry around a small shard of NGK (日本特殊陶業株式会社 aka Nippon Tokusyu Tōgyō Kabushiki-gaisha) high-temperature spark plug porcelain ceramic insulator to easily break windows, but how do you determine which parked car has worthwhile booty? Simple, just crane your neck and look into each car as you walk down the sidewalk.

You’ll never know what you’ll find.  

As seen on Golden Gate Avenue, checking every last car on this block and the next one too:

NB: Don’t try this in the Richmond District, else you might make the Noteworthy Arrests section of the Richmond District Police Community Relations Forum newsletter and then end up in the hoosegow.

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One Response to “How to Break into Cars on the Streets of San Francisco”

  1. voodoo says:

    i see this ALL THE TIME…even all the way up to USF. It’s almost too easy to pick out someone who’s on the sly trying to break into a car, and god help those dumbasses who STILL leave stuff in their car expecting it to be there when they return.