An Everyday Vehicular Pas de Deux in San Francisco’s Corona Heights

When the 37 Corbett MUNI bus cruises through Corona Heights, everybody else needs to get out of the way. If not, you end up in this kind of minor traffic jam, a slow-motion vehicular pas de deux with a communal effort to head off/mitigate the incipient collision.

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How can you tell this scene is from 2009?

The WhyIslam? bus ad;

The ubiquitous (#1 luxury vehicle in America these days) Toyota Harrier / Lexus RX “tall Camry”, crossover SUV, avec tiresome “gold pack” badges; and 

The green BioDiesel sticker on the bus

There’s your 2009 right there.

(Ir)regardless, this starfish-like intersection isn’t the problem – it’s the narrow streets combined with parallel parking, that’s the problem.

Please be patient when visiting…

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