Know Your Legion of Honor Faberge Eggs: #2, Rose Trellis

The fantastic Artistic Luxury exhibit at the Legion of Honor Museum continues. Read all about it here and here.

But what about the Faberge Eggs? Here’s one from 1907, the Rose Trellis Egg:

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There’s a bit of mystery to its history:

The egg was created by Faberge’s workmaster, Henrik Wigström (Russian, 1862-1923) and is crafted of gold, green and pink enamel in various shades, portrait diamonds, rose-cut diamonds and satin lining. This Egg is enameled in translucent pale green and latticed with rose-cut diamonds and decorated with opaque light and dark pink enamel roses and emerald green leaves. A portrait diamond is set at either end of this Egg, the one at the base covering the date “1907”.

Originally the Egg contained an oval jeweled locket in which contained a hidden surprise, which is now lost. Only an impression on the satin lining now remains. This is considered the last of the opulent Easter eggs made without the constraints of a menacing outside world.

Eggs, precious eggs!

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