Ranks San Francisco a Top City for Men, Then Gives Bad Advice, that advertising-choked, Internet laddie magazine home of Jessica Alba, BeyonceMegan Fox, and Scarlett Johansson, today announced the results of its “Top 29 Cities for Men to Live In“, ranking San Francisco third-best.

Well that’s par for the course for SF, CA, but what about their advice concerning where to go and what to do? It seems more appropriate for my grandmotherthan a swinging young AskMen man. But you judge for yourself, below.

A couple of drinks for thirty-something dollars at the InterContinental Mark Hopkins Hotel atop geriatric Nob Hill – is that any kind of date for a laddie?

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Anyway, here’s their advice:

Can’t Miss: Taking a date for martinis at Top of the Mark

To Avoid: Avoid the Tenderloin district like the plague, lest you actually catch some

Tipping: Gratuity is going to cost you; 20% is considered the bare minimum

San Francisco Bay also features Alcatraz prison, known as the inescapable “rock.” Take the ferry out to what is now a museum, which gives riders a picturesque view of San Francisco’s legendary Golden Gate Bridge.

For the record, the crowd at the Top of the Mark skews older [UNDERSTATEMENT MODE= OFF] to put it mildly, plague is associated with neighboring San Mateo County (not San Francisco’s Tenderloin, which youths would find much more entertaining than Snob Hill), and 20% is considered an average tip around town. 

All right, maybe Askmen’s advice would be good for your skinflint grandpa, the one who has never heard about Alcatraz. You know, the one who never tips more than 10% (of the pre-tax total, of course – he never would base his tax on the total bill, oh no).

Fine. But youthful laddie mag readers might not want to rely on

Just saying.

Read all the gritty nitty and see which burg topped the list, after the jump.

“Selection criteria for the top cities included factors such as: the ratio
of single women to men, frequency of sports events, number of hours of
sunshine, the rate of employment and the cost of beer. 
 The complete list of the “Top 29 Cities for Men to Live In” includes:

   1. Chicago
   2. Barcelona
   3. San Francisco
   4. London
   5. Sydney
   6. New York
   7. Berlin
   8. Hong Kong
   9. Copenhagen
   10. Paris
   11. Vancouver
   12. Rome
   13. Buenos Aires
   14. Tokyo
   15. Toronto
   16. Miami
   17. Madrid
   18. Vienna
   19. Los Angeles
   20. Montreal
   21. Panama City
   22. Portland
   23. Lyon
   24. Melbourne
   25. Tel Aviv
   26. Santiago
   27. Cape Town
   28. Hamburg
   29. Edinburgh
“The poll’s results were determined through eight different rating
categories developed by, including: Dating & Sex, Sports &
Entertainment, Culture, Fashion, Health, Power & Money, The Good Life and
2009 Livability. Cities earned points and raised their rank on the list on
grounds such as: whether or not the city had good men’s clothing shops and
the rate of male heart disease.

“For the first time, has ranked the best cities for men around
the globe and we’re pleased to reveal the cities where men get the best on
both personal and professional levels,” said James Bassil, editor-in-chief of “Through meticulous research coupled with real-life experiences,
we’ve aimed to offer the most comprehensive round-up of the year’s most
stimulating and exciting cities for men to live in worldwide.”

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2 Responses to “ Ranks San Francisco a Top City for Men, Then Gives Bad Advice”

  1. I can’t believe you just used the shorthand “San Fran.” Ugh!

  2. sfcitizen says:

    IT was kind of a joke, but…fixed now