$899 Electric Bikes at the Costco – They’re New, They’re You

Let’s start first with another electric bike that’s been making news in the bay area: the Ultra Motor A2B. Now, the problem when you listen to CEOs (who are really just cheerleaders without pom poms) talk about their products is that they seem to think everybody wants and needs their products. O.K fine, you’re selling a $2699 electrified bicycle – who’s going to buy it? The same people that bought Segway electric scooters?

Does anybody need full suspension on an motorized city bike? No. having dispensed with that, what about the UrbanMover UM 44 USprite? As you can see, it’s more of a regular bike with a battery and motor attached.  

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Can you feature yourself lugging one of these things up and down the stairs? It’s a tad lighter than the 73-pound(!) A2B, so that’s something to consider.  

And the UM44 is less than 1% of the cost of the abysmal Roadster from the abysmal Tesla Motors, you know, that bay area company that the feds aren’t exactly bailing out, but… Anyway, your money is going into Tesla Motors -will you ever see it again? Mmmmm.

Choose wisely. See you on the bike path!

All aluminium 6021 hybrid alloy frame
26” all alloy wheels with stainless steel spokes
Shimano Tourney 6 speed derailleur gears
Shimano Tourney thumb shift gear change
Kenda® K series puncture resistant tyres
Kenda® self seal inner tubes
Suspension seat post
Sealed headset and crank bearings
Tektro® V-type brakes front and rear
VPAC – Variable pedal assist control
UK & AUS26V 200W high torque brushless motor
Europe & USA26V 250W high torque brushless motor

26V 9Ah Panasonic® Lithium-ion battery
- 20% more range (than NiMh)
- 50% lighter (than 8Ah NiMh battery)
- Up to 50% longer life v NiMh


Lithium Polymer option (26V 12Ah)


Maximum range using VPAC
- Li-ion     30km (18.5m)
- Li-pol     45Km (28m)

Maximum range using throttle* 16km (10m)
Maximum pedal assisted speed – 25kmph (15mph)
Patented locking side release battery mechanism
Handlebar mounted charge indicator
Saddle – UM-V Sprung Gel Comfort – with quick release locking mechanism
Integrated side stand
Chrome ABS corrosion proof mudguards
Integrated rear wheel lock with chain
Rear alloy parcel rack
Optional UM rear panniers (pair)
VPAC Torque sensor controller
Weight 19.8 kg (inc Battery)
Colour – metallic royal blue
Only available in countries where the law allows use of direct throttle power

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One Response to “$899 Electric Bikes at the Costco – They’re New, They’re You”

  1. Don DiCostanzo says:

    What a goofy looking bike! With a 250 watt motor it will not likely be able to climb the hills of San Francisco. There are some 500wbikes at http://www.pedego.com that look and perform much better than the Costco bikes