Test-Driving the Overweight, Overpriced “Ultra Motor” A2B Electric Moped

Get up to speed on the Ultra Motor A2B electric moped here. They were offering free test drives to all comers in Golden Gate Park over the weekend, so why not try it out, right?

The thing weighs 72 pounds and it costs $2700. Ouch. The yellow one I tried out felt like an electric motorcycle, except for the on-off feel of the throttle setup – that didn’t feel like a motorcycle throttle at all, no sir/ ma’am. And the full suspension seems there mostly for looks, but with all the squatting and diving (just like your dad’s old Datsun 280ZX) you’ll never forget it’s there.

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Would it be a hard job for some people just to put it up on its kickstand? Yes. And then where would you park it?

The A2B is the Segway scooter of mopeds, it’s the Tesla Motors Roadster of mopeds. It’s not undesirable just because it’s expensive, it’s undesirable because it’s heavy (primarily, there are other factors as well). So, the people at Ultra motor might consider this product a high-end bicycle, just as the people at Tesla consider their Roadster a high-end exotic sports car. O.K. fine.

In short, two thumbs down.

But hey, if it makes you happy….

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