Scam! The San Francisco Examiner Should Be Ashamed of This Platinum Gas Saver Ad

Here it is, right on Page 3 of yesterday’s San Francisco Examiner – an ad for the Platinum Gas Saver from National Fuelsaver Corp. First things first – is this product a scam? Well, let’s take a look-see here. But as always, You Make The Call. Feel free to read “inventor” Joel Robinson’s excuses here.

Now of course, the ‘Xam isn’t guaranteeing anything just by taking money for an advertisement. But let’s look at what the ad says.

Sure, click on it to expand:

The ad states that 32% of the gasoline that goes into your car’s engine doesn’t get burned up inside the engine.

“Since platinum enables unburnt fuel to burn, the Gas Saver’s platinum increases the percentage of fuel burning inside the engine from the average of 68% of each gallon to 90% of each gallon. This 22% improvement translates directly into 22% more miles per gallon.”

You’d probably assume that they’re talking about regular car engines, the kinds that you find in the Toyotas and Hondas around town. Fair enough. The problem is that the amount of gasoline that doesn’t get burned inside of car engines these days is much closer to 3.2% instead of 32%. Can you imagine what would happen if your catalytic converter (the exhaust system thingee(s) under your car that look a bit like mufflers but aren’t) were burning 40% as much fuel as your engine? Your expensive cat (made with real, non-scam platinum) would fry with a quickness.

Therefore, it’s impossible for this product to work as advertised. (This leaves aside the mathematical fact that an gasoline burn rate improvement from 68% to 90% is not a “22% improvement.” In fact, it’s a 32% improvement. But anyway…)

How many people in the Bay Area read this ad and then buy the product? Do the people at the Examiner feel good about taking money to put this advert on Page 3?    

The World Wonders.

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2 Responses to “Scam! The San Francisco Examiner Should Be Ashamed of This Platinum Gas Saver Ad”

  1. NoeValleySF says:

    “The World Wonders.”

    The world wonders who reads that doorstep litter. 😉

    Great post!

  2. Akit says:

    They had to stick this next to the CBF ad. Damn.