Is UCSF Really Going to Charge Employees $35 a Month for Network Upgrades?

[UPDATE: The answer is “apparently not” – per the first commenter.]

With all the passive voice and euphemism it’s hard to know for sure, but it seems that employees at University of California, San Francisco might soon be invited to contribute $35 each month to upgrade the communications network they use everyday. And by “invited” I mean money automatically being deducted from paychecks.

Read “UCSF Establishes a New Funding Model for Data Network” and see if you can figure it out. Maybe the FAQ can be of assistance. (They lost me at “recharge” right at the get go.)

UCSF, as seen from the Music Concourse of Golden Gate Park, above the California Academy of Sciences and beneath Sutro Tower. They’re working on stem cells now, that’s what the construction is for:

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3 Responses to “Is UCSF Really Going to Charge Employees $35 a Month for Network Upgrades?”

  1. Slappy says:

    The paragraph you are referring to is horribly written, but, I believe it translates in to English as:

    “Based on the head count of your department, determined by the number of employees on the October payroll, your budget will be charged $35 per person in your unit.”

  2. sfcitizen says:

    That would make sense, Slappy.

    But I see stuff like:

    “…UCSF campus personnel will be charged…”

    Upon further review, I guess they mean the budget will be charged or such-and-such funding provider will be charged.

    The person who sent me the email might have been confused. I KNOW I’m confused.

  3. Slappy says:

    I totally see your point about passages like that, it’s really a ridiculously worded document and an abject failure of management to even leave the possibility of confusing their staff.