Circuslike “Zodiac Killer” News Conference Reveals No Real Evidence

[UPDATE: Here’s the gritty nitty from Deborah herself. Uh oh, turns out the eyeglasses don’t match, see below. Also, did she change her story from last year? Today’s presser must rank as the biggest fail whale on the West Coast since 1970. Or was it just some performance art? Hard to say.]

This afternoon’s “completely unorganized and totally shadynews conference on the Streets of San Francisco turned out to be a bit of a fiasco. “Deborah Perez” claims to have been on the scene when her father, Guy Ward Hendrickson, committed some of the Zodiac killings. And her dad didn’t kill just a handful of people, he killed “at least 37.”

The problem is that Guy Ward Hendrickson died in 1983, but not before he conveniently passed along a deathbed confession. Oddly, daughter Deborah, a “mother and a professional,” said she didn’t realize her dad was the Zodiac until watching America’s Most Wanted in 2007.

Was Guy Ward Hendrickson in the military, maybe based in the East Bay close to the scene of killing? Maybe, but nobody knows for sure. Was Guy Ward Hendrickson a peace officer? Maybe, but nobody knows for sure.

This was the headline from this morning’s ‘Xam. They’ve come back to Earth this afternoon.

William Clifton Degarmo is acting as Deborah’s attorney. He says he hasn’t made a cent so far, but he could cash in later on. Interestingly, Mr Degarmo settled a matter with the Securities and Exchange Commission relating something akin to insider trading back in the 1990’s.

Interestingly, the San Francisco Chronicle identifies Kevin McLean as one of Deborah’s attorneys, but wasn’t he just disbarred by the State Bar of California earlier this month? (I didn’t read the whole article from SFGate / The Chronicle, but it seemed to do a much better job presenting la théorie du jour than those at the press conference.)

The crew today continues work on their documentary. They’d like help from the FBI and other police agencies. This news conference was a way to get more attention for the new theory. Apparently, some guy not too far from Sacramento, Denis Kaufman, is alleging things having to do with handwriting analysis and that causes consternation to the people organizing the news conference today. All this adds up to… ?

Attention Zodiac theorists! Don’t worry about what other people are doing. If you have physical evidence, turn it over to the authoritahs. It’s not really necessary to make a documentary, however therapeutic it may be, right? (Lot’s of luck to anyone from Edward Lozzi & Associates public relations trying to gather a crowd in the 415 anytime soon. You’ll need it.)

Was Guy Hendrickson the Zodiac? Maybe yes and maybe no. That was true yesterday and that’s still true today.

Now about those glasses. Here are the ones Deborah claims to be from taxi driver Paul Stine…

…and here are the ones from poor Paul Stine in 1969, shortly before he was killed. Maybe he had another pair? Maybe Deborah also has the original Killian documents as well? (Wouldn’t Dan Rather be pleased to hear that!)

All this fuss today to promote a movie?

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5 Responses to “Circuslike “Zodiac Killer” News Conference Reveals No Real Evidence”

  1. Charles A says:

    I am the Zodiac killer.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    I knew it! All along, I knew it was you.

  3. Kevin west says:

    Jack Tarrance, Guy Ward Hendrickson or Arthur Leigh Allen. Seems we have three killers. Maybe they all new each other!

    The Police have had evidence from Deborah for years. Most likey it is not him. Evidence from Step son of Tarrance is being investigated, newly found photos and letters.

    There are plenty of experts that are sure it was Arthur Leigh Allen, DNA, composite drawings hair cut etc did not match Arthur Leigh Allen but they still believe! Arthur Leigh Allen was not smart and could not hold a janitor job it is not likely he was the killer.

    Tarrance is the best bet but you never know he just might be another killer claiming to be the Zodiac like Hendrickson.

  4. Ryan says:

    call me a crackpot but I am convinced that Tarrance was definitely in on it and I believe he was probably also the phantom killer in texarkana, since he was 18 at that time and living down in the SW. But…could Tarrence and Allen have met through a naval connection? Has anyone researched this? Maybe they knew each other.

  5. kate says:

    Wow,this will just not die will it? like the Jack The Ripper case,it seems to me every person who writes a book has the “final solution” and “definitive answer”.
    Robert Graysmith’s books are certainly compelling,as is the movie,but then we hear others debunk him too.
    Maybe we should get all the psychics,children whose fathers were Zodiac and all the writers of books together and watch ’em thrash it out.Now that would be entertaining!!!
    For the record,I do fucking love the movie too.