The 2009 King Tut Show at the de Young will be a Little Different Than the 1979 Exhibit

As you probably already know, San Francisco’s Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs begins at the de Young Museum June 27, 2009. It’s going to be the Mother of All Exhibitions – people are booking their hotel packages already ‘n stuff.

The artifacts shown will be not exactly the same as the show in 1979, but there’ll be more stuff this go- around. No matter, this will be your last chance for a while, unless you’re willing to travel to Egypt. 

Here’s Selket, one of the four life-sized goddesses who protected the Boy King. (Of course, she’s covered in go-ooold.) She was here 30 years ago, but she won’t be making another visit anytime soon cause her scorpion head thingee got damaged in Germany a while back. The new show will have somewhat different artifacts than what San Francisco got to see in 1979. Click to expand.

She’s all like, “You Shall Not Pass.” She’s the original superhero, tasked with protecting the sun god from an evil serpent.

Of all the things you can hang onto over the years, the Book of Tut ain’t half bad. Here’s my mom’s from the 1979 show – she journeyed by bus from far off.

It’s going to be mega.

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