Go on the San Francisco Ghost Hunt for Just $20 – It’s Guaranteed!

Whenever you see this kind of scene on the Streets of San Francisco, odds are it’s just local Ghostbuster Jim Fassbinder and his nightly San Francisco Ghost Hunt. This highly-rated three-hour tour of the Victorians around Lower Specific Whites Pacific Heights is guaranteed, in a way, and for $20 you can’t beat that.

As seen California Street for the past 11 years. Which one of these people is the ghost?  

Here’s your guarantee:

“I really can’t guarantee ghosts. But I can guarantee the San Francisco Ghost Hunt will be nearly three hours of unearthly fun! You’ll see wonderful Victorian mansions and learn the city’s haunted history, be touched time and again by the magic of supernatural beliefs, and hear documented authentic ghost stories presented with passion and drama. You will be amazed to learn a few ways to directly encounter a ghost yourself…if you dare. You will get exercise, fresh air, and have an outstanding good time. The San Francisco Ghost Hunt is: humor and history, emotion and education; with supernatural spookiness! You will be entertained, enlightened and enchanted. That’s absolutely GUARANTEED!”

See you there!

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