Photos From the Great Scientology Protest against Psychiatry in San Francisco

Who were you rooting for in this one? The cops, who had an easy, boring shift? The psychiatrists, who couldn’t really care less? The Scientologists, who bused people up from El Lay and over from Sacratomatoe? The Anonymous, many of whom appear to have personal connections to and detailed knowledge of the Church of Scientology?

You’d have to score this one as a win for the Anonymice. Small in number, but they got their point across. Let’s review.

The 470 Scientologists just before the march down Market Street. Today’s marchers generally weren’t locals. So in that way, the crowd was redolent of times when the the March for Lifers and the Chinese nationals of the infamous Olympic Torch relay fiasco bused to town and hung out around the Ferry Building:

But let’s start at the beginning. The Scilons had a marching permit and Anonymous did not. But that turned out to not matter too much. Members from both sides yacking with a patrolman:

Pointlessness. “You tape me, so I will tape you.” Hold pose for an hour and a half:

It was a hot one. A church member appearing to be upset about something or other. Black was the color of the day with the C.O.S. 

“Psychiatry: Drugging Kid$ For Profit”

“I’m Glad My Mom’s Not On Drugs.”

A member of Anonymous uses Church lingo to mock the less than desired turnout from those bused in. The 2000 figure for expected marchers comes from here

And also from Anonymous: “Google XENU.”

And there you have it.

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One Response to “Photos From the Great Scientology Protest against Psychiatry in San Francisco”

  1. Slicolas says:

    Great so see some people have the balls to stand up to such a dangerous insane Cult! Well done young people you have my blessings