Photos – San Francisco’s 14th Annual Carnaval Parade in the Chilly Mission District

Well it’s the fourth Sunday in May, so that means just one thing – San Francisco Carnaval. Were you shivering? Check out the local color here, courtesy of Ted Weinstein. And here are some more photos: 


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Rei e Rainha do Carnaval 2009? Well they certainly looked the part, anyway.

¡Irmandade! Sisters doing it for themselves:

Capoeira, as seen on Meet the Fockers

Rare Blood Type “C”:

Samba com criança:

Mack Daddy.

I Dream of Jeannie, or 48 Jeannies on 24th Street, or something:

Sadly, these Jeannies weren’t followed by phalanx of Major Nelsons

Mi Chevy y tu Chevy. “SICKT FO” = 1964:

Puertas de tijera – ahora mas que nunca. Will scissors doors work on my heretofore Bland Cruiser? If so, I’ll take four, plus another one on the tailgate – why not?   

You’d think Zorro would have a Nissan Z-car but he makes do with his Celica and some tape.

NorCal Waste Systems, aka Golden Gate Scavenger, is now Recology:

Cão + cão = dois cães, mais ou menos

And There You Have It.

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5 Responses to “Photos – San Francisco’s 14th Annual Carnaval Parade in the Chilly Mission District”

  1. Darn! I missed Carnaval this year. Hopefully I will attend next year. Looks like you had fun shooting the pics. I especially love the pregnant woman. A classic shot! She was pregnant right?

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Yes, very.

  3. David Yu says:

    You took many good Carnaval parade as always each year. I would really like to meet you in the next event. I lik to share couple Carnaval parade event photos of the point of my view with you.

    Thank you!

  4. sfcitizen says:

    Thanks David. Everybody likes your colorful 300mm shots. See you out there.

  5. David Yu says:

    Thanks Jim,
    The 300mm wasn’t that easy to carry arround to shoot at the Carnaval parade event! but I do like the result of it. The bokeh looks better than the 70-200mm lens. When is your next event are you going to attend? I do like to shoot next to you. Lots to learn from you!