Kryptonite Lock Scores a Pyrrhic Victory on Market Street – A Stripped Bike

The owner of this Schwinn bicycle took a bit of care before locking it up for the last time ever. Note the $50 Kryptonite Evolution Mini (quite fashionable, non?avec cable for the wheels – that’s a perfectly cromulent way of a locking a bike on the mean streets of San Francisco. (A lesser lock would have succumbed like this.)

But the owner might have dared to leave it overnight, when the freaks come out.   

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The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has some thoughts on the issue of protecting your bike. Check it out, after the jump.

Good luck.

Unfortunately, bicycles are very easy to steal because they make the perfect getaway vehicle. Understanding the most common types of theft can help you protect your bike and lock it with confidence.

Type of Theft and What You Can Do

Residential garages

Where thieves can take their time sawing through locks

Store your most valued bicycle inside your home, not your garage. If you must store your bike in a garage, use a high-quality U-lock or motorcycle lock and lock your bike to something. In commercial garages, park within sight of an attendant.

A cable lock is not enough!

Cable locks are just too easy to cut

Always lock your frame with a high quality U-lock or a heavy NYC Chain and secure your wheels. Get rid of any U-lock with a round barrel key. These locks can be broken into easily by an experienced thief.

Make sure to fill up as much space inside the “U” as possible with poles, posts, and your frame and wheel. Leaving empty space gives room for a thief to pry open your lock.

Improperly locked bicycle

Find an appropriate fixed object to lock your bike to.

Don’t lock your bike to a pole or post that is loose in the ground. Theives may have loosened it themselves.

And don’t just lock the wheel!

Theft of bike parts

Such as lights, wheels, seats, seat posts

Remove lights and speedometers when parking your bike. Replace quick-releases with other types of skewers.

Protect your bike by registering it.

While registering your bike won’t keep it from being stolen, it greatly aids in its return to you if it is recovered by the police. The police will not give you back your bike unless they have proof that it belongs to you. In addition, it helps the police identify and locate the proper owner. Options include the National Bike Registry

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  1. meligrosa says:

    Good post. Bike theft is something that we all have to be highly aware for, therefore invest in a good lock, and know how/where lock properly
    I really like the Guardian’s article from sometime ago, thought Id share:
    Chasing my stolen bicycle

    Cheers and happy riding!

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Great link, thx