Bus Stop Blues – What to Do When You’re in a Mini MUNI Meltdown

You can tell by looking at this scene that these putative San Francisco Municipal Railway riders have been here a long time – just look at them. People are standing on McAllister Street, trying to will the next bus into existence.

These days, what with smart phones and such, people are less likely to be in the dark, information-wise. They know about The Plan from MUNI to get buses to them. (In this case, The Plan deals with the Asian Heritage Street Celebration in the Civic Center blocking the electric-powered #5 Fulton line at Larkin.) The problem is that this particular Plan is taking a while to get going.

If it were me, I’d just walk a few blocks perpendicular to the bus line with the hope of catching a ride – that’s be much more tempting than queueing up here, with the risk that the next coach would be already full with others affected.  

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Of course that’s easy for me to say as it would be no problem for me to hoof it up the slopes of Cathedral Hill. Or down to Haight, which has a lot of lines.

Anyway, that would be my coping strategy in this situation.

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One Response to “Bus Stop Blues – What to Do When You’re in a Mini MUNI Meltdown”

  1. jack barry says:

    The Boston systtem, called the MBTA is far superior to the Muni.

    The ” T” as they call it, for short….has all kinds of tedhno deals. One buys a
    “Charlie card”, loads it with money and just taps the fare box to pay., anytime one is getting on.

    For seniors, the fare is 60 cents per ride….

    Is there an independent rating company that compares urban systems? I would love to see a detailed comparison,.

    Having to buy a Fastpass in one of the few places that sell them, monthly…further discourages using them. (There SHOULD be the ability to buy an annual Fastpass.. !!!)

    In Boston, one can buy a Charlie Card in all the stations that have any human staffing, and in many that don’t…. With the Charlie Card, one is charged $1.70, instead of the full $2.00 fare… The discount is to encourage usage.

    (Remember the song “Charllie on the MTA”, the old Kingston Trio hit? This is the source of the name “Charlie Card”…., for what it is worth.)