Using a San Francisco Examiner to See How Far You Parked from the Curb

We’re living in a society here, people. So even though the Man gives allows you a foot and a half spacing from your tires to the curb, you can do better than that. Check out this Mercedes SUV – see how far it is from the curb? Why not use one of the many San Francisco Examiner newspapers that some billionaire from Colorado has seen fit to have strewn about the place?

If a ‘Xam can fit betwixt the curb and your wheel, then you gots to try again. Two Xams away is way too much. PARKING FAIL. Bikes belong in traffic, as they say – you want to make things easier for everybody else, right? With practice, you should be able to get it down to a quarter Xam or less.

Click to expand.

Lots of room for improvement here on Fell Street. (In mitigation, the Mercedes ML driver did manage to retract the outside rear view mirrors. Ten points for Gryffindor.)

If you can’t handle this simple task, maybe you shouldn’t be driving.

Just saying.

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One Response to “Using a San Francisco Examiner to See How Far You Parked from the Curb”

  1. fmws says:

    I’m not surprised at all. It’s amazing that some people have no regard to others’ parking space whatsoever. Maybe DPT should start giving them some fines like they do in UK for failing at parking.