WordPress WordCamp 2009 in San Francisco a Huge Success

UCSF‘s Mission Bay campus was all filled up yesterday with attentive youths, Genius Bar geniuses, and Laughing Squid’s Scott Beale, so that can mean only one thing – it must have been yet another one-day WordCamp from WordPress

As always, the focus is “on how to be a better blogger, on the development and future of WordPress, and other topics of interest.” Just read the WordCamp Report for the deets:


But, What Does WordPress Mean To You? That’s something to ponder as you…


Get free help from WP geniuses, such as Brian Colinger, for instance.


Or peruse the Job Board:


Or proactively look for work with your name card.


Or nosh on Southern BBQ complete with ham-hocked collard greens


And steer clear of the WordPress bully boys, with their tattoos and their flashing gang signs. There was lots of stuff to do.


Plus, attendees got American Apparel T-shirts. All this could have been yours for just $25. What a bargain.


See you next year!

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2 Responses to “WordPress WordCamp 2009 in San Francisco a Huge Success”

  1. linda lee says:

    I had a blast. That food was good. To see more photos check out my flickr for wordcamp 2009, http://www.flickr.com/photos/askmepc/
    Love your photos!

  2. Star Tattoos says:

    Its very nice to see the photos of word press word camp 2009. Especially hands with the tattoos is very nice.