Arrested Decay in the Richmond District – Monty’s Groceries

Looking like something from the Bodie State Historic Park ghost town, the former Monty’s Grocery store at 701-703 Tenth Avenue (or 839-849 Cabrillo) appears to be in a state of “arrested decay.”


Hollywood couldn’t come up better gone-to-Hell look if it tried. Click to expand – it gets big.


See that old glass tubing above the sidewalk?

Will this neon sign still be here in a hundred years? Maybe.

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2 Responses to “Arrested Decay in the Richmond District – Monty’s Groceries”

  1. Joe says:

    I like your blog, but I’m not sure i agree with the tone of this piece.

    My opinion is this, buildings and signs like the one above are small but important indicators of a history of a place. Europe has crumbling buildings, Philadelphia has a bell, we have old neon signs in North Beach.

    I’m all for embracing texture like this. I know I’m probably the exception, but that’s okay. I’m secure in my aesthetic black-sheepedness.

    I mean let’s face, it would be a different and far worse “gone to hell” look if it was a new plastic-lit-from-the-inside sign that read walmart.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    I don’t mind it being there at all. Never noticed it before, it hints at a past that I’m not aware of. Apparently, back in the day, this part of the Richmond District had a bunch of bars and was known for carousing.

    Anwyay, I was surprised to see it in the Inner Richmond as it looks more something you’d see in the Mission. (Some people didn’t like this post I did about the Inner Sunset neither – I was surprised to see what I saw there as well.)

    Long may Monty’s sign stand (although somebody might want to look at the supporting cables every decade or so…)