Parallel Parking in the Middle of Valencia – Your Right as a San Franciscan

Valencia Street in the Mission used to have two lanes in both directions, but now it has Category II bike lanes and a center lane that’s supposed to be used for turns. The problem is that drivers view the turning lane as a 13-foot-wide, mile-and-half-long parking lot.

As here, where the driver of this black $100,000 Mercedes Benz Geländewagen is backing up the northbound lane to claim the prize he just passed by. Was the MUNI bus delayed by this maneuver of the G-Wagon? A little, but Parking Wherever The Hell You Want is Your Right as a San Franciscan, right?

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Do people get tickets for this? People do.


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6 Responses to “Parallel Parking in the Middle of Valencia – Your Right as a San Franciscan”

  1. Janet C says:

    Gotta say, when they changed Valencia from 2 lanes to 1 with left turn lanes, traffic flowed waaay better. I was commuting daily on Valencia when it changed 12 years ago.

    That being said, people who park in the center are tools.

  2. Jason says:

    Isn’t there a church or funeral home on this section of Valencia? That’s why it is allowed there, right?

  3. sfcitizen says:

    This was at 741 Valencia between 18th and 19th. There’s no churches or funueral homes on that particular block AFAIK.

    Sometimes you’ll see the whole of the street like this. It depends on the time of day, etc. Sometimes one person will be bold and then the rest will quickly follow.

    Sunday morning would probably be the best time to pull this, I think.

  4. Janet C says:

    Oh and I personally have no problem with churches doing the once a week double park thing. It’s one of those things that makes SF a small town.

  5. Slappy says:

    Tow ’em all, have the fees help balance the budget!

  6. soboogie says:

    fyi, there is a church bwtn 19th and 20th, but not bwtn 18th and 19th. its next to the custodial shop