Japantown Different Neighborhood Plan – Informational Meeting Today at City Hall

Japantown Redevelopment Fever – catch it today in the Civic Center. You know, this whole Different Neighborhood Plan (some people call it the Better Neighborhood Plan, others call it the Worse Neighborhood Plan) has not been without controversy – get a flavor of that at Akit’s Complaint Department and Nakayoshi Young Professionals. Here’s what the coverage has been from Curbed SF and the Socketsite. (And there are some websites with people who advocate for the BNP.)

Below are the materials that will be presented today to the Historic Preservation Commission (nee Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board) by Planner Matt Weintraub sometime this afternoon after 12:30 PM (item #9 on the calendar) at Room 400 of City Hall, 200 Polk Street.


Historic Preservation Commission Case Report, June 3, 2009 – PDF 233 kB

Japantown BNP Survey Area Map -PDF 214 kB

Historic Context Statement: Japantown, San Francisco, California PDF 8 MB

Physical Heritage Report PDF 1.6 MB

Traditional Cultural Property Evaluation Report PDF 412 kB

District Record -PDF 400 kB

Survey Findings Report PDF 736 kB


Property Evaluation – 1530 Buchanan Street -PDF 371 kB

Property Evaluation – 1745-1747 Buchanan Street -PDF 372 kB

Property Evaluation – 2018 Bush Street -PDF 408 kB

Property Evaluation – 2020 Bush Street -PDF 263 kB

Property Evaluation – 2031 Bush Street -PDF 469 kB

Property Evaluation – 2178-2182 Bush Street -PDF 479 kB

Property Evaluation – 1908-1914 Fillmore Street -PDF 385 kB

Property Evaluation – 2000-2016 Fillmore Street -PDF 330 kB

Property Evaluation – 1450 Laguna Street -PDF 474 kB

Property Evaluation – 1501 O’Farrell Street -PDF 772 kB

Property Evaluation – 2158 Pine Street -PDF 272 kB

Property Evaluation – 1646 Sutter Street -PDF 479 kB

Property Evaluation – 1745-1751 Sutter Street -PDF 334 kB

Property Evaluation – 1830 Sutter Street -PDF 618 kB

Property Evaluation – Buchanan Mall -PDF 307 kB

Property Evaluation – Japan Center PDF 5.2 MB


More deets, after the jump.

Japantown Task Force

To begin the process, the Department worked with the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California, Japantown Task Force, Japanese Community Youth Council, Kimochi Inc., and local business owners and residents to determine the process. This team decided to hire Japantown Task Force to lead the outreach and public relations component of the plan. Through coordination with Japantown stakeholders and activists, a 26-member Steering Committee was formed.

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee meets the second Tuesday of every month, from 2-4 p.m. in the Japantown Planning Room on the second floor of the Miyako Mall. The meetings are open to the public.

The Steering Committee members include:

  Darryl Abantao
Ko Asakura
Stephen Engblom
Seiko Fujimoto
Hiroshi Fukuda
Bob Hamaguchi
Richard Hashimoto
Seiji Horibuchi
Cathy Inamasu
Gregory Johnson
Ryan Kimura
Bette Landis
Tak Matsuba
Sandy Mori
Eddie Moriguchi
Steve Nakajo
Yosh Nakashima
Rumi Okabe
Diane Onizuka
Teresa Ono
Jon Osaki
Paul Osaki
Kathy Reyes
Robert Sakai
Michael Sim
Rosalyn Tonai

The Consultants

The Department released the Request for Proposals (RFP) for planning consultant services to help draft a Better Neighborhood Plan for Japantown in early June 2007. The Department has selected a team of qualified consultants led by Page & Turnbull, Inc.. The team also includes cultural preservationist Donna Graves, cultural preservationist Gerald Takano (TBA West), the BMS Design Group (Barbara Maloney and Michael Smiley), and transportation planners Fehr & Peers. In addition, the Department has hired Strategic Economics to identify ways to implement and fund the improvements that emerge through this planning effort. For more information on the RFP process, see the links below.

In addition to the planning consultants listed above, the Planning Department, Supervisor Mirkarimi and the Mayors Office of Economic and Workforce Development have secured funds for a grant to hire a Community Consultant. Town Consulting was chosen by the Steering Committee. They respond directly to the Steering Committee and will be responsible for educating and informing the community about the repercussions and benefits of the planning analysis and recommendations that will be generated throughout the planning process.

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