Conflict at Successful Union Street “Eco-Urban” Festival 2009, Whitest of Street Fairs

Uh oh, seems as if there’s a little unrest at the paradise that is this weekend’s Union Street “Eco-Urban” Festival 2009. No, it wasn’t the Republican party recruiting again, it was trouble with promoter Steven Restivo trying to tamp down on the boozy house parties that have occurred on Union Street during festival weekends past.

What you would have is hundreds of kids at Union Street residences drinking beer. Heaven forfend! Let’s hear from Party Person Brooke on the Yelp:

“Each year (for the last 5!) some friends of mine who live on Union St have a big party during the festival which allows all of us to get together, drink, dance, and be merry and peruse in and out of the street festival. It’s a well managed production, with control of who comes and goes, safe, in control, etc…. This year Steven Restivo has put an end to it, and the festival hasn’t even started yet! Steven took it into his own hands by calling the police, the fire marshals, and LANDLORDS of the apartments and buildings on Union St ahead of time, to ensure there were no parties this weekend, OTHER THAN THE ONE HE WAS THROWING. It seems he’s a big cry baby and thinks the house parties which are a custom with Union St Fest detract sales from the Beer Gardens he hosts.”

Doesn’t that just twist your mellow? Stevo “slandered the organizers of the party and contacted the building owners“? Oh well.  That means no more house parties, like this one from last year.

The perils of post-adolescent Union Street Fest shotgunning.  The front of this house faces Union.


That entire residence was filled to the brim with partiers in 2008. Ah, memories.

Oh well, on to this year. Of course, you’ve got to expect more than a modicum of peroxide, silicone, designer funglasses and lapdogs. Of course, it’s Cow Hollow.

Having said that, the seems a perfectly fine fest. Let’s take a gander at 2009. By the way, it continues tomorrow.

This thing is biiiig – it will take you a long time to wander about Union even if you don’t hit the biergärtens:


You know who proved popular was Tom Rigney, “electric violinist, Cajun fiddler, composer, graphic artist, and leader of the American roots music band, Tom Rigney and Flambeau.”


Best in Show – Candy Wrapper Handbags, something like this, as seen on Oprah


Micro cupcakes continue their dominance over the cuisine of the late aughts


Your streetfest four basic food groups are poultry (including turkey legs, they’re not just for renaissance festivals anymore), corn on the cob, couscous (not pictured) and garlic fries (not pictured).


2.5 star-rated Left at Albuquerque offered crowd-pleasing  beer towers to sidewalk diners:


Now they’re renting out A2B electric scooters to tourists. Do people really ride these things on the Golden Gate Bridge sidewalks at 20 per back and forth to Sausalito? People do. Anyway, Blazing Saddles bike rentals was offering test drives.


Suds on the Roof, but much less than in years past. I think a man partying outdoors feels more like a man if he can have a red cup of suds.


Last year’s “Eco-Urban” fest featured a hell of a lot of gas powered Honda generators, but this year, not so much. Originally, I thought this distribution amplifier was a box full of car batteries, but now I’m at a loss at figuring out how this band got its power. If they had a generator, they hid it well.


What’s this?


It’s an overhead extention cord leading from a Union Street business to one of the food vendors in the middle of the street. Is that an extension cord being used as internal wiring? Cough electrical code cough.


Oh, there it is! One of at least two Hondas in operation today.


But at least all the amplified music won’t disturb this slumbering. ear-protected pooch.


See you there tomorrow and next year!

See all the participants, after the jump.

Webster Street Stage
  10:00 – 11:30 Light Jazz Via CD
  12:00 – 1:30 Tom Rigney
  2:00 – 3:30 Fazz
  4:00 – 6:00 Norman Bautista
Gough Street Stage
  10:00 – 11:30 Light Jazz Via CD
  12:00 – 1:30 Brittany Shane
  2:00 – 3:30 Lloyd Gregory
  4:00 – 6:00 Billy Martini
Sunday, June 7, 2009
Webster Street Stage
  10:00 – 11:30 Light Jazz Via CD
  12:00 – 1:30 Matt Eakle Band
  2:00 – 3:30 On The Air
  4:00 – 6:00 Wiley Coyotes
Gough Street Stage
  10:00 – 11:30 Light Jazz Via CD 
  12:00 – 1:30 Honey Dust 
  2:00 – 3:30 Carrie Souza Blues Band 
  4:00 – 6:00 Buckaroo Bonet

Participant Type Space #

Relay Worldwide- KashiSponsor Gourmet Pre- packed Food 1700 Block
Wink at the Media- O’Neill Communications Sponsor 1700 Block
NAYA Organics Eco Business Body Care 1701
FairTribe Eco/Small Business Clothing 1702
Jean et Marie Artist Clothing 1703
Menus and Music Eco/Small Business Books 1704
Santini The Leather Merchant Artist Leather 1825
Anthony Hansen Artist-Green Mixed Media 1826-1828
Xylem Clothing Artist-Green Clothing 1827
RocknSocks Artist-Green Embroidery/Knit 1829
The News Artist-Green Bags 1830
Caraucci Artist-Green Beader 1831
Coco Loco Artist-Green Jeweler 1832
Tinctoria Artist-Green Clothing 1833
Department of the Environment Eco Business 1834
Kris Nations Jewels Artist-Green Jeweler 1835
Happy Green Bee, Inc. Eco Business Clothing 1836
Bath Fitter Sponsor 1837
Farm Fresh To You Sponsor 1838
INNOVA Marketing- Nature’s Best Sponsor 1841-1843
Zip Car Sponsor 1842-1844
Mama Shaman-Kuna Prints Artist-Green Clothing 1845-1847
Slainte Bags Artist-Green Bags 1846
Audrey Acosta Designs Artist Clothing 1848
Bond Sisters Artist-Green Various Artists 1849
Bamboo Home Store Artist-Green Clothing 1850
Hawaiian Moon Artist-Green Soap & Body Products 1851
Music Matters, Inc. Sponsor Gourmet Pre-packed Food 1852-1854
Jest Jewels Participating Merchant Jeweler 1853
Lisa Kristine Gallery Artist Photography 1857-1859
Fonarow Photography Artist Photography 1858
YeahYeah! Block Printed Clothing Artist-Green Clothing 1860
Eco Fashions Artist-Green Bags 1861
David Clay Jewelers Merchant Green Merchant 1862
City Car Share Non-profit Car Service 1863
Totally Bamboo Artist-Green Wood Work 1864
DC Graphics Design Artist Photography 1865
Synergy Clothing Artist-Green Clothing 1866
The Enchanted Crystal Merchant 1867-1868-1869-1870
The Real Insect Co. Artist Jeweler 1917
Brad Henry Pottery Artist Ceramics 1918
Choi & Park Studio Artist Photography 1919-1921-1923
Pineapple Seed Artist Jeweler 1920 Artist Clothing 1922
Gabe Leonard Artist Painter 1924-1926
JBalducci Artist Jeweler 1925
Bahay Bags Artist-Green Bags 1927
Comcast West Bay Sponsor Cable/High Speed 1928-1930 & S2
Slavic Gifts Artist Jeweler 1929
7×7 Magazine Sponsor 1933
Hudson’s Life Nostalgia Artist Mixed Media 1934
An Urban(e) Potter Artist Porcelain 1935
Mopilo Designs Artist Jeweler 1936
Arts Anvil Artist Jeweler 1937
Dereks Co Artist Hats 1938
Sumofish Artist Clothing 1939
Blue Wild Indigo Artist Jeweler 1940
Peru Inspirations / Karim J Artist Clothing 1941
Chi Cheng Artist Clothing 1942
Deluxe Delights Artist Jeweler 1943
Aquamarine Artist Jeweler 1944
Nan’s GourmetFoods Artist Gourmet Pre-packed Food 1945
Chris Honeysett Photography Artist Photography 1946-1948
Wenifnotnow Artist Clothing 1947
Tessa Kemp Jewelry Artist Jeweler 1949
Bay Area CUTCO Sponsor Cutlery 1950
NY Times- On the Avenue Marketing Sponsor 1953
Danmer Sponsor 1954
Black & White Art Studio Artist Painter 1955
Sunflower Artist Leather 1956
Mark Poulin Artist Jeweler 1957
Designers Touch Artist Ceramics 1958
M Clothing Artist Clothing 1959
Three Apparel Artist T-shirts 1960
Funky & Fabulous Artist Jeweler 1961
Blue Easel Designs Artist Jeweler 1962
NOPAL Artist Clothing 1963
Eye Think Inc. Artist Animated Art 1964
Giants Sponsor 1965
Casa Loma Press Artist Photography 1966
Marina Tooth Fairy Sponsor 2015
American Laser Centers Sponsor 2016
Artist Artist Jeweler 2017
fiftyseven-thirtythree Artist-Green Clothing 2018
Myriad Apparel Artist Clothing 2019
BP Enterprise Co. Artist Leather 2020
Tres ClassiqueSpecialty Foods Artist-Green Gourmet Pre-packed Food 2021
Andrea Wysocki Jewelry Artist Jeweler 2022
Ava Austin Studios Artist Jeweler 2023
Passage Events Sponsor Gourmet Pre-packed Food 2027-2028-2029-2030-2031-2032
CBS Radio/KCBS Sponsor 2035
SF Magazine Sponsor 2036
Liz’s Corner Artist Jeweler 2037
Muzaffar Salma Artist Henna Tattoos 2038
Calabash Enterprises Artist Clothing 2039
Nishimura Designs Artist Jeweler 2040
Mabel Chong Artist Jeweler 2041
Joe & Joy Kick Artist-Green Wood Puzzles 2042
Henry’s T-Shirt Artist Tie Dye 2043
Between the Cleavage Artist Jeweler 2044
S.F.P.D. City Agency 2045
Like Minded People Artist Clothing 2046
Fog City Leather Merchant Leather 2047-2048
Nikitrends Artist Jeweler 2103
ANG/SF Chronicle Sponsor Newspaper 2104
Bella’s Accessories Artist Scarves 2105
Estilo Clothing Company Artist Clothing 2106
Kong’s Jade Artist Jeweler 2107
Eye for the Find Artist Beader 2108
Learn and Play Artist Kids Stuff 2109
That Takes the Cake Merchant Gourmet Pre-packed Food 2110
The Soi Company Artist Candles 2111
Fitting Lifestyle Design Artist Embroidery 2113
GMR Marketing for T-Mobile Sponsor 2114-2116
Cara Mia Designs Artist Jeweler 2115
CA Department of consumer Affairs Non-profit 2117
Fama African Art Artist/Importer Wood Work 2118
Tibet Bazaar Artist/Importer Imports 2119
Harvest Home & Garden Artist/Wholesale Linens 2120
Nutty GourmetArtist Gourmet Pre-packed Food 2149
Photographs of Old America Artist Photography 2150-2152
Oregon Jewelry Artist Jeweler 2151
Elizabeth Todd Designs Artist Clothing 2153
Regine Pfanz Designs Artist Jeweler 2154
Silverwearables Artist Jeweler 2155
Elementals Artist Clothing 2156
Silly Yeti Artist/Importer Clothing 2157
Dowdle Folk Art Artist Painter 2158
Kathy Kamei Designs Artist Jeweler 2159
Sasha Coture Artist Clothing 2160
Imavediviszion Artist Clothing 2161
Bohbi Artist Jeweler 2162
Custom Clippies Artist Kids Stuff 2163
Katherine Watson Artist Painter 2164
Mardi Gras Style Artist/Wholesale Jeweler 2165
Eye of the Buddha Artist Clothing 2166
Ndoye West Artist/Importer Mixed Media 2167
The Modern Toddler Artist Kids Stuff 2168
Sargam Griffin Artist Painter 2169
Exclusive Design Artist Jeweler 2170
Fun & Game Rentals Gourmet Pre-packed Food 2200 Block
Concepcion Artist Mixed media 2207
Goodjoe, Inc. Artist Clothing 2208
Silvana Danies Jewelry Artist Jeweler 2209
Tsering Jewelry Artist Importer 2210
Daub/Ghiorosa Enterprises Artist Wood Work 2211
Cinderella’s Artist Bags 2212-2214
G’s GourmetFoods Artist Gourmet Pre-packed Food 2213
CBS Radio/MOViN Sponsor Radio 2215
Skinny Maternity Artist Clothing 2216
Pakonu Artist Ceramics 2220
CRM Artist Wholesale 2225
Home Creations Artist Body Care 2226
Sarka-Trager Photography Artist Photography 2227
Taxi CDC Artist Clothing 2228
Lola Bean Artist Jeweler 2229
Proehl Studios Artist Photography 2230
Baltazar Guzman Dentistry Merchant 2231
The Cause Gallery Designs Artist Jeweler 2232
Jade Trading Company Artist/Importer Kids Stuff 2233
Fairy Dust Faces Kid’s Activity Facepainter 2234
DBI Sponsor Beer
Blue Moon Brewing Company Sponsor bev #2 @ Webster
California Corn Roast & “More” Food Vendor F01
Cathead’s BBQ Food Vendor F02
Captain’s Fish & Chips Food Vendor F03
Eric’s Buffalo Wings Food Vendor F04
Sweet Delights Food Vendor F05
Osha Thai Restaurant and Bar Merchant Food Vendor F06 & F22
Gourmet Faire Food Vendor F07-F08
Rose’s Cafe Food Vendor F09
Golden Era Vegetarian Restaurant Food Vendor F10
Mary’s Pizza Shack Food Vendor F11
California BBQ Food Vendor F12 & F30
Sonoma Teriyaki Food Vendor F13 & F27
Pedemonte & Co. Food Vendor F14 & F26
Kingdom Cake Food Vendor F15
Indian Gourmet Food Vendor F17
Mainstreet Food Concessions Food Vendor #1-F18 & #2-F16
Earthly Delights Food Vendor F19-F20
Tante’s Food Vendor F21 & F28
Aroma Concessions Food Vendor F23-F24
New Orleans Catering Food Vendor F25
Dim Sum Bar Restaurant Food Vendor F29
Thai Stick Food Vendor F31
Pica Pica Food Vendor F32
The Roasted Corn Food Vendor F33
Helmend Palace Food Vendor F34
S.F.P.D. Sponsor Laguna
Turn Key Marketing & Promotions Sponsor S1
CBS Radio/Alice 97.3 Sponsor S3
Shell Vacations/Georgina Landry Sponsor S4
Trinchero Family Estates Sponsor Wine

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  1. Kate says:

    Great shots, i really felt i was there, they really gave a sense of the event.