Haight Ashbury Street Fair 2009 a Huge Success

Not sure what the Yelpers have a problem with, but the Haight Ashbury Street Fair went off today without a hitch, just like last year.

Look at the swirling mass of humanity on just one block of Haight Street:

IMG_7364 copy

Can you see the superfluity of nuns in white approaching the Fair? Also note the F430 Ferrari supercar (sans license plates), one of many exoticars that made the journey to the Upper Haight today. Also note the sign: “No Open Containers of Alcohol.” Too bad. 

IMG_7344 copy

Of course, all you need to get around the alcohol ban is a gallon jug of overproofed white rum and a giveaway “water” bottle. As seen on Ashbury.

IMG_7339 copy

District Five Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi was on the scene, gathering names for his newsletter distribution list.

IMG_7361 copy

Poorbot was looking for handouts:

IMG_7349 copy

“SHOW US YOUR BOOBS… please.” “FABULOUS PRIZES.” “DON’T WORRY (WE’RE GAY)” These inebriates residing above the Ben & Jerry’s at the corner of Ashbury were true to their word, tossing down trinkets to all flashers male and female.

IMG_7385 copy

You kmow why this San Francisco Native baby is better than you? Cause he had the foresight to be born in San Francisco, that’s why. He won the lottery/ when he was born.

IMG_7370 copy

Bong Hits 4 Jesus

IMG_7377 copy

And There You Have It.

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4 Responses to “Haight Ashbury Street Fair 2009 a Huge Success”

  1. Jeffrey W. Baker says:

    That’s odd … I photographed what may be the exact same Ferrari on my block later Sunday. Although when I spotted it, it was involved in a dumb real estate marketing scheme.


  2. kai says:

    does anyone know which bands played at the haight street fair masonic stage.

    specifically the hip hop/ dj gig with the two women rappers from oakland w/ dj dropping awesome beats? and then the electric keyboard, bass and drum gig to follow?

    great day, great weekend.

  3. Chuck Kuhn says:

    I put together a gallery of pictures from the event. Check them out
    Comments are always welcomed

  4. Matt says:

    really nice day and good vibe. the sun even came out. the cupcakes were delicious. as was the lemonade.