Digital TV: San Francisco Bay Areans Say Good-Bye Comcast Cable

Here’s what you do, you get a free Digital to Analog TV Converter Box and then kick Comcast cable to the curb. (Of course, if you have a newer TV, you don’t even need the converter box.)

Get a sneak peek of the stations you’ll get here, based upon your specific location. And read a report from one San Francisco resident who seems pleased with the whole transition to digital.

It’s new, it’s you!

IMG_8167 copy

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If you like Spanish and Chinese language programming, you’ll love digi-TV. Plus, you can get KQED Channel 9 three ways.

What about NBC? Well, they left the 415 a while back and now base their operations out of San Jose. Consequently, they broadcast from San Mateo County. Consequently, you might have a little trouble tuning in the NBC.

Anyway, more and more people are saying good-bye to their local cable overlords. What have you got to lose?

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One Response to “Digital TV: San Francisco Bay Areans Say Good-Bye Comcast Cable”

  1. Dale says:

    absolutely a good idea. We cut the chain to Comcast a few months ago. We had to buy an antenna for the roof to get a good signal and we’re still not getting NBC but we love the sharp picture.